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Computer Technician's Survival Kit

Updated on March 17, 2013
Tools of the Trade - Chest is from BigLots $26
Tools of the Trade - Chest is from BigLots $26

Computer Technician Survival Kit

When I say "survival" I do mean it literally - in a "business" sense. Being unprepared could mean the difference between staying in business and getting on the unemployment line. Customers do not like technician to be unprepared especially these days with how much people rely on their computers. Over the years I have learned the tricks of the trade not because I'm some kind of genius, not at all......its because I have learned through experience, taking advice and lots of mistakes. With that said...I put together the following list of items (tools & parts) I recommend technician's have with them when traveling to job sites. None of the items are too costly and/or hard to find. Just basic tools and components that can help make the job easier and most importantly help you get the job done quickly and make the customer HAPPY!!

Here we GO!!

Telescopic Magnet Pointer
Telescopic Magnet Pointer
Canned Air
Canned Air
Crimper Tool
Crimper Tool
CAT5 Wiring Schematic
CAT5 Wiring Schematic
Cat5 Tester
Cat5 Tester
Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD


* Screwdriver set

* Hex set (Standard & Metric)

* Telescopic Magnet Pointer

* Mini flash light

* Canned air spray

* Duct Tape

  • The World WOULD NOT survive without it

* CAT5 Tester

* Crimper w/ RJ45 Ends

  • Recommend printing out a CAT5 pattern schematic

* Zip Ties

* Gorilla Glue

* Software (CD and/or flash drive)

  • Varies OS (XP, Vista, Win7, etc)
  • Ultimate boot Disk
  • Hard drive Diag utilities
  • Malware scanner/remover (TDDSKILLER, Hitman Pro, MalwareBytes)


The parts I keep on hand are usually for testing purposes not usually "for sale" since they are usually not brand new (been used for troubleshooting/testing on other job sites).


* Hard drive (SATA & IDE)


* RAM (various types)

* Cables

  • *IDE
  • *SATA
  • *USB (A & B)
  • *Power adapters
  • *Universal laptop power adapter
  • *CAT5 Patch cables (varies lengths)
  • *USB extension cable
  • *Various adapters/convertors (Power supply splitters (IDE/SATA, DMI/VGA, USB/PS2, 9pin-M/9pin-F, etc)

* Router

* Switch (5 port)

* Wifi extender

* Keyboard (USB)

* Mouse (wired & wireless)

* Speakers (small inexpensive pair)

* NIC card (Internal & USB)

* Wifi adapter (USB)

* Power Supply (standard 500+ watts)

* Power strips

* Extension cord

* USB Flash drive

* Mouse pad

Final Thoughts....

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions or would like to recommend other tools and/or parts feel free to use the COMMENTS section below.

Thank you!!


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    • rampcs profile image

      rampcs 4 years ago

      Hi Dellea, I LOVE it!! You are officially a "tech knight" Thank you for the awesome comment!!

    • profile image

      dellea 4 years ago

      I do computer work for a living. I actually have everything in the list and then some. I wear a flash drive around my neck on a lanyard with all my software tools (which I update monthly). I have two toolboxes. My smaller "toolbox of doom" contains my most essential tools and goes with me in the vehicle daily, and my larger "toolbox of doom" is mainly for bigger jobs (only with me when I know I'll be hard-wiring, etc). I also have a couple of totes in the truck loaded with used (but good condition) spare cables, mice, keyboards, and components that won't be drastically affected by hot/cold temps. It's always a good idea to be over-equipped for battle!

    • rampcs profile image

      rampcs 4 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. Yeah, the CAT5 tester is really helpful. It actually came in real handy recently, it help me determine that a bad CAT5 cable was the culprit. Thanks again!!

    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 4 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      I like the parts part of the list. I only work on my own computer, but I agree that the listed are important, and I have them all on hand. The CAT-5 tester must be handy; I don't have that, but get by with other stuff!

      Good listing. Thank you.