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Computer Virus Removal

Updated on November 9, 2009

Technology that continues to grow

My Computer has a problem


If you are experiencing slow internet speed but have plenty of ram, programs won’t open or freezing, files automatically deleting or it seems as if someone else is controlling your computer you have what’s called a “Computer Virus” that if not fixed right away can lead to your system crashing and everything on it being lost with no chance of recovery.

The virus could have come from any source on the internet, maybe you downloaded music, a video game, unknown software, video files or visited a certain website but whatever the case these an “internet virus” can be hard to detect if you don’t know your way around computers and what to look for. Caution must be taken when a website asks you to download any program; you may want to purchase “virus removal” software to check the programs before installing them on your system as they may be well known programs that could have been uploaded by anyone.

Having a “virus on your computer” can cause all kinds of problems and allows access to your internet activities, personal information and is the same as inviting a stranger into your home. There have been many major computer viruses to surface lately and each one is more dangerous than the others but there are also many “virus removal” products on the market that work really well to save you money on hiring computer technicians every time the problem surfaces.  Having a “computer virus problem” can be frustrating because you simply don’t know what websites or programs to trust and having some type of “virus removal” will allow you to surf the internet with ease.

When purchasing “virus removal” type software you never want to purchase without checking the product ratings or customer comments. Not all “virus removal” software on the market will not produce the same results. Many “virus removal” products will not detect every “computer virus” on your system so be sure to look at the products specifics. People in general will purchase “virus removal” products based on pricing but most “virus removal” software can further harm to your system or not rid it fully of the virus. Purchasing the best in “virus removal” is well worth the cost, or you will eventually have to buy a new computer system.


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