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Wifi All Files Types Transfer

Updated on August 18, 2016


Perhaps the majority of you runs with a USB cable, for transfer files such as photos and videos from the phone to the computer

And vice versa to transfer files from the phone to a computer, but there are those who do not have cable or USb it has been damaged with frequent use

Now with this small size of the application will not need to USB cable anymore, you can share files between your computer and phone with ease and speed in the transport images of the application

Small size and easy to use application immediately logged in to the application press the play button after the IP link are copying and access your computer and login to My Computer and paste the link and then pressing the Enter button after which you will be asked to enter username and Password you will found it in the application settings

user : admin and the password is : wifi

You can see the steps by clicking on the Help button within the application icon


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