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How to : Connecting Your web-mail with Windows Live Mail TM or Outlook Express TM.

Updated on June 10, 2012


Actually, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Live are very, very , very useful and professional e-mail client programs. We all are mostly used to web-based, java programed, platforms for e-mail, which are ... at least "not-professional" in compare with Microsoft® programed e-mail clients.

Well, lets go further. In next few steps, I will try to explain You how to use Your favorite e-mail clients, web based, like Hotmail® and G-Mail®, on Windows Live Mail 2011(12)® or Microsoft Outlook (Express).

Microsoft® latest "Live" edition of e-mail client window, while its loading...
Microsoft® latest "Live" edition of e-mail client window, while its loading... | Source

Microsoft® Live(TM) Mail 2011

This program is very useful. Although many of You are skeptic when it comes to Windows Mail program clients for e-mail exchange...well, guess what ? - I have an surprise for You. This one, is and can be used as an professional e-mailing tool, with a lot of advantages/features.Although there has been many negative criticism about Microsoft® products, Microsoft has been improved in a field of business, and business-related program packs a lot.

They have been criticized that "they haven't take a risks, when it comes to business - like Apple® did" . We are now talking about one of Microsoft® Mail software - that haven't been reviewed enough - or at all.

Advantages make things simpler

Recent studies, and researches suggest that web-based mail reported significant increase of use, while in same time, the desktop-based mail programs are in serious decrease of usage.
With representing Windows® Live(TM) Mail 2011, I want to show how even Internet band-width can be saved - simply by using MS Live Mail. Connecting it, with G-Mail or Hotmail or whatever web-based mail that has POP3 settings enabled, or IMAP enabled. With simple parameters as entering the pop mail server, for instance "" , and outgoing( outgoing mail server, in this case, will always start with smtp, as it called in IT) will be like "". Port for outgoing server, the SMTP is by default 25, and for POP is 110.

Web-based mail, usually, requires SSL encryption for outgoing (SMTP) server, and require "clear text authentication". Remember this, this is fundamental for manual settings setup. So, check the check box in "Properties" , when configuring mail account - named "Log on with clear text authentication". After that, click on "Advanced" , and setup your mail ID and password. Than go on to "Servers" tab, and on that tab configure it manually - because most of web-based mail - has published in their "Help" files POP/SMTP mail configuration.

Using this kind of Mail program, enables You to choose between numerous kind of fonts, choose whatever size of letters You want, insert pictures and add effects to them, insert special characters like ®, or þ , å, µ ... most of this characters is not supported by web-mail.

Important thing, maybe most important of all, is alignment. The ease of use, and ease of doing right alignment - especially for business-based e-mails - is CRUCIAL.
Alignment, right font, right words, with right ending has been always fundamental for right business e-mails, job-application e-mails and etc.
Attachments, adding documents to e-mail, adding pictures to the background as well as adding pictures in attachments, or even switching from "rich-text" e-mail to the "HTML mail" , has never been easier. Just 2 clicks away.

Windows® Mail configuration GUIDE


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