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Nintendo Wii to HDMI Adapter Cable

Updated on February 15, 2010

The Wii's Video Connections

When the Nintendo Wii first came out, it's unique and innovative way to interact with games made it a huge success and very popular for many years. It provides a great way for the whole family to get together and play a game without a huge learning curve. Although it comes packed with hours of fun, some newer televisions are unable to connect to the Wii because it only supports two methods of video connections: composite and component (for high definition).

Most newer HDTV's available today do not come with more than one component and composite connection. Some TV's remove this interface entirely. For those people in this predicament, a converter box is necessary. Both composite and component connections are analog, but HDMI is a digital-only connection. HDMI is a digital signal that carries both video and audio in the same cable. This makes it very convenient to connect DVD players, TiVo's, receivers, and other home theater equipment to an HDMI port on the back of your TV.

HDMI Wii Picture

HDMI Wii Adapter
HDMI Wii Adapter

Wii HDMI Cable Adapter

In order to connect a Wii to an HDMI interface, a component to HDMI converter adapter is necessary. When shopping for a device that performs this conversion, be sure to make sure that the device will receive a component video signal and right/left audio connections and then transmit that out using a standard HDMI connection.

Unlike other popular gaming consoles available today, the maximum resolution that a Wii will output is 720p (scaled from 480p). This is because the Wii was primarily designed as a gaming console that focused on the gameplay rather than the high resolution output. The next generation of gaming consoles from Nintendo are rumored to have a built-it HDMI connection, but until then, you will need a converter box to use HDMI with a Wii.


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      Koo Coo 6 years ago

      Yeah that works sure but it looks shitty adn does it really work I mean its going to need chips to convert all that goes on in the signal transfers it just does not seem capabile but than again. Also I don't have an LCD Monitor that is HDMI if you are going to make it that why not make one with both HDMI and Display Port or with three (HDMI, DP And DVI-D or DVI-I) that would be better.