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Consolidating Your Digital Identity with VoIP

Updated on August 30, 2012
Coalescing around a Single VoIP Number
Coalescing around a Single VoIP Number

Merging identities

Many businesses today still have an extremely inefficient infrastructure for managing communications to and from employees. Take a typical business scenario where a salesperson has a landline sitting next to him or her in the office. They are reachable at this telephone via an extension and also possibly through a Direct Inward Dialing number (DID). In addition, they are also issued their own mobile phone for business purposes. They are supposed to carry this around with them all the time and it is not supposed to be used for anything other than business. This means that the employee also has to carry around their personal mobile phone as well.

Count the number of ways in which a particular employee is reachable. Over the landline, using an extension or a DID number, over the business mobile phone whose telephone number is different from the landline, and of course their personal mobile number as well. Doubtless, there are systems such as Outlook which help keep track of all the possible identities, but this does lead to confusion in the mind of the caller and also makes it complicated for the employee themselves. For example, when they are in the office and they wish to use the convenient form factor of the landline, they have no control if someone chooses to call their mobile instead.

What we need is a single identity to tie all these devices together simplifying the life of employees as well as the people who're calling them.

Tying Them Together with VoIP

VoIP allows several unique features to be implemented even when an employee does not have an Internet connection on their mobile phone with a wireless data plan or Wi-Fi. Specifically, all employees can add several devices to a single VoIP number ensuring that they are always reachable with just one identity. No longer will you have to think about which device to call them on. A feature known as SIP forking makes several devices linked to a single telephone number ring at the same time allowing an employee to decide which one they want to pick up.

Advanced rules can be configured such as ringing a specific phone at a specific time, or specifying a sequence of devices that must ring in order. It all depends on the convenience of the employee and the flexibility that is inbuilt into an Internet-based system such as VoIP.

Most businesses these days have transitioned to a VoIP based network for these reasons as well as for cost savings. Events such as conferences lend themselves extremely well to VoIP due to the powerful features available. Contact an SIP provider to find out about the Boston VoIP systems available and how to leverage VoIP flexibility to improve the operations of your business.


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