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Consumer Broadband Applications

Updated on October 6, 2012

What are Broadband Internet Applications?

Broadband internet applications are those technologies that enhance the experience of the internet user and that become available through access to high speed internet. The increasing demand for broadband internet had caused the development of a great variety of broadband internet applications. These applications, along with fast downloading and uploading speeds allow the internet user to have a productive and enjoying experience while using them.

The quality of streaming is significantly improved with high speed internet. Since the implementation of broadband internet some years ago, the number of subscribers has increased and so has the number of broadband applications. Some of the applications that are high on demand among internet user are those that let the user interact with video, audio, voice, games and home networking applications.

Skype Application


Voice, Audio and Video Applications

  • Skype
  • Google Voice and Video Chat

Video and Voice Applications

Although video and voice communication is not new, the development of fast internet connectivity has allowed internet user to make the transition from a one on one communication with a slow bandwidth internet access to a more interactive type of communication using high definition visual, audio and voice applications.

One of these applications is Skype. Skype lets users experience high quality voice and audio; however, the quality always depends on whether the connection is slow or fast. Skype also lets users see the posts of their Facebook friends and maintain communication with them through instant chat. The capability of Skype allows you to make cheap phone calls around the world, as well as locally. Skype is a free application and can be installed on PCs, or mobile devices, such as 3G smartphones and Ipods.

Google voice and video chat lets people start a video conference with family or friends. The application offers high quality sound and video. To install the free application on your computer, you´ll need a Gmail account.

Rich Media Streaming

Video on the Net
Video on the Net | Source

Broadband TV Technologies

  • TV anytime
  • Netflix
  • DTT
  • Broadband Television

Broadband TV Applications

The availability of high speed connectivity has facilitated the downloading of rich media files on the computer. Digital terrestrial television (DTT) delivers TV content to mobile receivers and home TV sets. Direct to home (D-T-H) delivers TV programs to the homes of users. The constant improvements of streaming media would soon make it possible to deliver high definition TV over the internet.

TV anytime is an application for mobile devices. Users can choose their favorite TV shows after installing the application into their Android or Ipods. tV anytime includes more than 450 TV shows and it also supports Netflix, so internet users can sign up and get instant access to their favorite Netflix shows. TV anytime allows users to record their TV programs into their Ipods for later playing on their home TVs.

Broadband is a site that provides access to TV streaming media files. To have access to standard definition TV broadcasts, it is necessary to have a broadband speed of 2.5 Mbps on your computer. To watch high definition broadcasts, a broadband with speeds of 10 Mbps is required.

Broadband Online Gaming

Computer Games
Computer Games | Source

Video Game Consoles

  • XBox
  • Playstation
  • EVO 2
  • Wii u
  • PCs

Online Gaming

Broadband computer gaming applications are greatly enhanced by a fast internet connection. There are many sites on the internet that offer a variety of interactive games to be dowloaded to your PC or mobile device. Most of these games will function better with a high speed connectivity.

Game cheat offers online games which are over one mega byte in size and are intended to be played over a broadband connection. The site is full with interesting and interactive games that will keep you entertained. is another broadband gaming site that offers unlimited broadband gaming packages for those who like to download games on their playing devices, such as XBox, Playstation, Wii or home PCs. The montly price that they charge guarantees high quality downloading speeds even during very busy periods.

Home Networking Applications

  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Photo editor
  • Text editor
  • video player
  • Audio

Home Networking

Home networking allows members of a family to share a broadband connection between multiple computers, and peripheral devices, such as printers, game consoles, telephones, and TVs. This permits them to share a number of broadband applications either for doing business, studying or entertainment.

Some people have chosen to work from home or could be bringing some of the work from their offices to their homes. These people rely on quality and productivity. A home network may provide the means by which those who are pressed by time may profit from their time at home. Once installed into their computers, broadband applications, such as printer sharing, file sharing, gaming, etc., can simplify their work, and provide a little break to their busy lives.

What are the Broadband Internet Applications that are most used by People

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