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Contact Facebook - Contacting Facebook by Phone

Updated on May 11, 2011

Is there a Facebook Contact Number?

Since it has been high-lighted on many blogs recently and even on TV about the Facebook privacy problems of people's Facebook login details being hacked and live chat sessions being exposed I decided to write an article that included ways to contact Facebook by phone and other methods.

Apparently there is a Facebook contact number in the United States which is 650-543-4800 but as you might have guessed it, this number only answers with a recording where you can leave a message. You have to press option 7 to use their answer phone, what I have read tells me that the automated voice repeats twice before you can leave a complaint so be patient.

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Contacting Facebook by Email

Many people complain that they have tried contacting Facebook by email but never get a response but I cannot say this is the case for everyone since I contacted Facebook customer service for Facebook Ads I had purchased and always got acknowledged. I won't say that they were excellent in handling my query but I will give them credit because they do have 350 million members to deal with.

What I found frustrating is that I had an ad campaign and when I was contacting Facebook I had to start by submitting a 'ticket' style message rather than exchanging straight forward emails. Everytime I wanted to respond to a message I had to log out of my hotmail and sign back into Facebook and I believe they do this to reduce the amount of enquiries they get.

If you have a distinct question that you feel you can only explain to a person and contact Facebook customer service you will have the same problems I had finding the messaging service, firstly you have to scour through FAQ until you finally see a tiny

contact our support team.

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How to Contact Facebook?

One way of how to contact Facebook if you have forgotten your Facebook login is to go to the help centre and they will send you an activation code via SMS. Be sure to keep your account details up to date though because if you have the wrong mobile phone number in their database you will not be able to take advantage of  your 'Login Facebook Reset' option.

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Other Facebook Phone Number

If the first number is unsuccessful I also found this number for the PR department in Silicon Valley. CA UsA (650) 543-4811, this is where you can request a press interview if you are a media representative. Here is the submission form for that purpose but unfortunately I have found no Facebook UK contact number for any purpose as of yet.

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