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Control Your Computer from Anywhere in the World

Updated on August 6, 2009

Several Reasons to Control Your PC Over the Internet

There are many benefits to installing remote control software on your computer:

  • Have access to your software, email, favourites, etc. from almost any computer in the world that has an Internet connection.
  • Allow others to log in and do maintenance on your computer, or show you how to complete a difficult task.
  • Check up on what is happening on your computer in your absense.

Try Remote Desktop Software for Yourself

 Even if you simply think, "hey, that is kind of neat", I suggest you take the plunge and install remote control software on your computer today. You never know when you will be "out and about" and suddenly want to, or need to, jump onto your computer from afar.

Remember, even if it is just a family barbecue at your cousin's house, and you want to show them the latest pictures you took of the new dog, you can log in to your PC from your cousin's computer and show them those photos. Although you are sitting in your cousin's house, it will be your desktop, files and software in front of you when you log in.


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    • MemoryMegaMall profile image

      MemoryMegaMall 6 years ago

      VNC is definitely a better solution then creating a mobile app for everything you need.

    • profile image

      Remote Control Software 8 years ago

      Without these programs I could not get half the work done from the road that I currently do. So much time is saved through the collaboration these tools allow for. I honestly feel many people would pay more for these products than the market price, but luckily they are affordable and easy to find.

    • MisterSins profile image

      MisterSins 8 years ago

      Cool, I have to try it.