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How to Convert Documents into PDF Format for Free - Easy PDF Creation

Updated on April 11, 2010

Why Create a PDF?

Firstly, why do we need PDF's?

Simply Put...

PDF stands for "Portable Document Format", PDF's are mainly created so the text contained within cannot be edited.

They can also be used to print something out for future reference, without wasting paper.  PDF's save the environment!

Download a PDF Printer

In order to create PDF's quickly and easily, download a PDF printer from the internet.  There many options available, but in my experience the best option is "Cute PDF".  You can aquire this software at the following link.

I have included a picture below for you guys who are finding the program hard to find.

You must download and install this software on your computer, if prompted to download any extra files to complete the install, make sure that you do this. 

Cute PDF Download Link

Choose a Document to Convert

Once Cute PDF is installed, it is very simple to use. Follow the instructions detailed below to start creating your own PDF's.

Step 1 - Open the document you wish to convert into a PDF. In this example we have simply opened a simple word document. See below.

Word Document Example

Print Your Document Using Cute PDF

Step 2 - Once you have opened your document, simply choose to print your document in the normal manner.

File > Print

At this stage you must choose the "Cute PDF Writer" printer listed in your current printer list.

Note: The installation of Cute PDF has actually added this virtual printer onto your computer for you!

Once you have selected the Cute PDF Writer Printer click on Print.

See the screen shot below for more help.

Cute PDF Print

Saving the PDF

Step 3 - Cute PDF will prompt you for a save location once you press the Print button.

Save this to any location you wish on the computer, in this example we are saving the PDF document to our desktop and called it "Example".

See the screen shot for more help.

Opening the PDF

Step 4 - Simply find where you saved your PDF and open it!

See the screen shot below for the final result.

Example PDF

View the PDF

Double click on the PDF to view your PDF.

Example PDF View


There you have it!

A fast, free and easy way to create your own PDF's.

If you found this helpful why not visit my other hubs or websites!

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    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 5 years ago from Oregon

      Great and useful information. Thanks.

    • NemoPDF profile image

      NemoPDF 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such PDF converter tool. Very useful hubs.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      A very informative hub. Now, my articles will be secured with PDF. Thanks, Richard!