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Converting videos to play on different devices

Updated on March 14, 2010
Bluray Disc
Bluray Disc

Video Conversion Software

Video is home entertainment. Without videos, what would we do? Okay, besides the obvious desire to watch videos, what happens when your device isn’t compatible with certain devices or software? You convert the video into a different format so it can work well on any device you use.

Converting the videos is a pretty simple process, but finding software that works for you can be the difficult task. There are plenty of programs out there. The problem with file conversion software is there may be file types that are available in select software but isn’t available in other software. The solution this problem is actually pretty simple. Instead of paying for the software, why not download freeware? Regardless of popular belief, freeware file conversion software actually works better than many paid programs out there.

Many well-known programs offer free software that can be used to convert video files into different formats so they can work in different devices such as Playstation 3, Zune, iPod, BlackBerry, and more. Bring your videos wherever you go so you can enjoy it.


Real Player SP

Real Player SP is a great alternative to other paid programs. This is not only a program that plays videos, but it can download videos, convert videos, and so much more. Because Real Player SP videos are in flv format, the videos downloaded using Real Player SP will not work on any other program such as Windows Media Player. Real Player SP takes advantage of conversion technology so people can enjoy their videos on any type of software or device.

Real Player SP is free of charge to download. It also has updates that are free to download. Real Player SP Gold is the newest edition to Real. It has features that other programs don’t including video trimmer (cutting videos short to your liking).

Real Player SP is also good at converting videos to audio files when transfering them to mobile devices that do not support flv video format. Its a great piece of software and the best deal of the decade, free of charge. Get your Real Player SP download and start watching and downloading any videos you want.


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