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Spyware and Cookie Detection - Right Click and Remove

Updated on November 6, 2015

Google [Cookie Removal]


How do you FInd the Cookies?

I found that if you see a pop-up, you can go to the pop up, right click on it. Look at the options. One is page info. Left click on view page info and you will see an information page. There will be a link that says view cookies. Click on that. Then find the link that says show cookies and site data and click it. Mine was in blue. The following page comes up, and tells you that the following cookies were set when you viewed this page. Then you have a choice. You can either block or remove those cookies listed.

Most pages automatically cookie you, so it won't permanently cure the issue. It will, however, stop the pop ups temporarily until you return to the site. Sometimes, that is enough time to forgive them for bothering you to start with.

You Can Clear Cookies in Other Computer Spots

You can clear the cookies from your desktop, also. To delete cookies from your desktop, simply open the desktop and tap or click Internet Explorer. Click Tools, go to Safety, and then click Delete browsing history. Select cookies and website data check box and then click to delete.

There are Some Cookies That Are Good

If you go to a page frequently, it will remember you and personalize your experience. Then you don't have to log in each time.

Those cookies are good.

So, if you delete your browsing history, you run into the hazard of your computer deleting your ease of access. So, just be smart about it. Otherwise, keep your password book handy.

Google Can Help

Google can help you with specific cookie needs, so just Google what browser and what Windows type you are using.

How to Remove Cookies

How About You

Do you have cookies to remove?

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Getting Rid of These Cookies is Easy, Too!


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    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 2 years ago from Florida

      First thing in the AM, I go to Chrome and delete my browsing history. It doesn't seems to wipe out my memorized passwords, thank goodness. Wonder who named these "cookies"???