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Cool Crazy Lamps

Updated on July 23, 2011

Lots of fun lamps

Many people can become overwhelmed searching for a new lamp. I want to make this fun by adding some crazy lamps I have found all over the web. ENJOY!

For starters Bulbs Unlimited offers kits to make your own incredible lamps and fixtures. They are going to asset you in pulling together crazy items from your home and making those items into a stylish lamp.


The legendary "leg lamps" are always a classic in bars and dorms. It's hard for one to go a lifetime without seeing a leg lamp.

Louise Antoinette Frog Lamp

Any any lamp is always fun. When decorating a childrens room with a love for animals. Lots of lamps represent every childhood favorite animal.

Motorcycle lamp

Very nice lamp built from motorcycle parts. This lamp brings in style and hobbies. Any one that owned a sweet scooter in college would love to have this lamp in a den or office.


Be honest, I'm sure 95% of people have either wanted or owned the weird lava lamp. Recently my daughters grandfather bought her a lava lamp and she loves it. (she's 11 months)


I really don't think I could sleep comfortably next to this lamp. Its kinda cool but at the same time it gives me the willies.

Quack, Quack

I'm sure theirs a stuffed animal lamp for every animal in the animal kingdom. (I have no idea if any ducks were hurt in the making of this lamp)


Going to dozens of antique stores your sure to find a funny little lamp like this one. They were a funny when they were made and they still are today. They are cute in a little child's room until there about 6 or 7.

Fiber Optics

Just right for the young IT nerd. Give him or her their very own fiber optic lamp. This one is for that princess in your life. Once your get the lamp add the princess bed. Advertising Space- After your Hub is published advertisements may be placed in this space. Please note, it can take some time after you publish for the ads to match the content of your Hub.

One mans trash is anothers treasure

Dozens of locations in your town and on the web provide nice modern lamps that are great for decorating. Finding Seagull lighting, ceiling fans or just basic desk lamps are all over the web. But getting that right crazy lamp is an endeavor that takes time. One must spend many hours searching garage sales and thrift sales. Antique stores have some class weirdo’s but that’s almost like stealing candy from a baby. It's more fun to do the hunting on your own. Once you find it and it's something you'd never own, you then buy it. The most exciting part is actually making it look good at home and not just a tacky cheap buy from a garage sale.


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