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* Cool Email Addresses - Address Ideas - Twitter Name Ideas

Updated on April 6, 2011

Silly names - great email address ideas

I'm having a childish evening, thinking up silly names. And then I thought these would make great email address ideas, or Twitter names, or forum names, or whatever you want really. And so my latest hub was written. Some names are made up, some are real people, and some are old classics that maybe you forgot about. Feel free to use them to make your own funny email address.

Read the whole page - the silly names are under the email addresses.

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Silly names - great email address ideas

Cool Email Address Ideas









9. email_me@.........

10. no_spammers@......

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Image courtesy of

Twitter Names Ideas - Forum Names Ideas

And now for the silly names. Use these as inspiration for your username ideas:

Miss Chief

D. Vine

Ali Katt

Chris Packet

Hugh Janus

Mandy Lynn (as in mandoline)

Adam Zapple

Robin D. Banks

Corey Ander

Jack Hoff

Jim Kitt

Em Balmer

Warren Pease

Earl E. Riser

Walter Mellons

I'm hoping I've achieved at least a childish giggle by now........

Ron De Vous

Anne Teak

Ivor Hugh Jass

Ben Down

Mona Lott

Dan Druff

Neil Down

Wayne King

Ivor Cocker

Mike Hunt

Stu Pott

Master Bates

Tom Katt

Will E. Stroker

Russel Sprout

R. Slicker

Pearl E. Gates

Mister Train

Ivor Biggon

Phil McGavitty


Rick Shaw

Arty Choke


Tess Tickle

I hope you feel inspired.

And now for the serious bit

When you are coming up with your own forum names or email address ideas, don't include your full name, or any clue as to your date of birth, or address. It is surprising how many people use a combination of their real name and year of birth for their email address and other online names. That is valuable information and you shouldn't be sharing it with an online community.

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    • profile image

      Ben Dover 4 years ago

      Seriously?!!?!?!?!? ^^^^^^^^

    • profile image

      ThisBitch 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Rosalie 4 years ago

      Here's another one that you can use for a forum name: Ben Dover

    • profile image

      jessica 6 years ago

      this is rubbish i tried all of them and people had it already

    • profile image

      Mbbz. 6 years ago

      i need a good email, but not too grown up and not too childish:/

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I'm liking the thought process

    • profile image

      Lynn 7 years ago

    • profile image

      Mariah 7 years ago

      I need a good email for me:D