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Cool Facts About SEO (2009)

Updated on March 5, 2010

SEO During 2009

Search Engine Optimisation, being one of the most discussed topics all over the net, you would get a new topic to write up on, at least at the end of every year. Because, experts want to say something about the things they have learned that year, more appropriately a kind of annual report. So I also read some cool facts about SEO in the year 2009 which was brought in January 2010 by some SEO gurus and link building experts. So I am going to tell some facts based on the study conducted independently (Not me). And you may be familiar with some of the things that I am going to describe here. SEO is a kind of subject that can be studied from past experiences and by utilisation of several hit and trial methods and sometimes experimentation. So we can do the quick steps of SEO only based on the light of working strategies. Ok, I am sorry. I deviated a bit. Here We go with the facts.

SEO 2009 Truths

First things first – I am very sorry to ask you a stupid question. Which SE is the most prominent when it comes to SEO? Google, Yahoo and all. But as usual, people mostly played with Google Search results to get what they wanted. Because doing SEO in Google is much profitable than doing it anywhere else unless you have minimum or Zero competition. Report proves it. So this time also, Googe was used by the most end users as well as optimizers.

Next, about the browser. And it is undoubtedly Mozilla Firefox, being a free software, it worked more than that. It supported and still supports the installation and usage of a large number of SEO plug-ins and addons, SEO firefox plugin being the most effective one. A lot of tools are yet to come. So, SE optimisers used it well even if there is a Browser War going on among the normal surfers.

Page Rank started to lose it's preference. Most of the people don't agree with this but that is the truth. Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam Team, clearly stated that they returned random page rank to a variety of sites ocassionally. Because PR has come out to be the considerable factor than the relevancy of the site. So in order to stop this from continuing, they just did this way. But still PR is a good factor on which we can consider a lot of things like Website flipping decisions, Link Exchange and more.

The complete report is not presented here. But I made it short to make people including me and you, aware of the SEO related facts. And let us hope for another wonderful SEO report at the end of 2010.

Good Luck to all SE Optimizers !!!


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