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Cool iPhone 4 Cases

Updated on May 20, 2013
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Alem is an Entrepreneur and Writer with an A.S. in Digital Film Making.

Show Your Style

Phone cases have become not only a new fad, but a way for people to express themselves. Just like your attire, phone cases have become new fashion trend that helps people individualize themselves here we are going to look a a few new designs that might be your cup of tea.

These covers or cases are usually soft and made of silicone, and although they will protect your phone they are more for show than protection. People who buy these could care less about the protection and really just want to have a cool looking cover. The good news either way is that the these cases don't cost much and serve as great cheap gifts for people.

Check em out.

Nintendo Game Boy Gameboy Silicone Case For iPhone 4 4G white

Take a trip down memory lane with this awesome looking Gameboy iPhone 4 case. Besides the fact that this case looks really cool, it is shock absorbent, shatter proof, and provides surface protection without compromising easy access to all functions. As I said before these soft silicone cases are not as protective as the hard ones, but they are better than having nothing covering your expensive iPhone.

This particular case is good for the 4 and 4G models.

This case has been reviewed by 799 customers and still has a 4 star rating. That is a great ratio. Dissatisfaction of course came with some people saying that the design had flaws, but those were older reviews and newer ones said those flaws had been fixed.

Nintendo Game Boy Gameboy Silicone Case Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S - Black

This Gameboy case offers pretty much the same as the white one does the difference is that this one fits the iPhone 4S as well. And those who would rather have it in black would say this one is cooler.

This case has been reviewed by 131 customers to date and has a 41/2 star rating, wow! for about $2 bucks why not pick this up. I may have to look into this one myself being an 80's baby and all.

Cbus Wireless brand Black/Red Silicone Cassette Tape Case / Skin / Cover for Apple iPhone 4S / iPhone 4

Oh no they didn't, oh yes they did. A cassette tape cover for your iPhone. Now this is cool. Some younger iPhone users may not know what this is exactly but you can explain to them that this is what we used before CD's (just kidding, maybe).

This case offers the same protection as any silicone case and will fit your 4S / iPhone 4. It is tailer designed to protect without impairing access to all functions. The seller wants you to know that the item will ship in the colors shown.

This item was reviewed by 181 customers and has a 3 1/2 star rating. Not bad. Dissatisfaction was due to the case not having and opening for the the charging port, but the case is soft and you can just pull it own when charging or take it off. I assume the designers did not want to take away from the over all cassette look by leaving and opening at the bottom.

Apple iPhone 4 4S Retro Boom Box Hard Case Phone Cover

Ahhhhh yeah boy! Talk about cool, this is it right here. The Boom Box cover. I am not lying to you I may have to order this right after I finish this article.

The design is great (well from what I see here) and although no one has reviewed this on Amazon, I do see that at least by the eye test this one looks better than similar ones that people have complained about. Now I don't usually suggest a product that doesn't have reviews, so your going to have to take a risk on this one if you like it. =They have pretty good reviews on their other items and I'm sure there's a return policy.

Here some technical Details:

  • thermplastic polyurethane cover
  • Does not block any buttons or functions
  • perfect fit for iPhone 4/4S

Do you think these iPhone covers are cool?

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