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Cooler Master U2 R9-NBC-8PBK-GP laptop cooler experience

Updated on May 28, 2013

My Dell laptop has been extremely hot during the last year or so. I admit that it is most likely due to the fact that I have set it to run at its fullest potential. For example, I have set the minimum processor performance to run at 100 per cent, when it is plugged in.

I got a Cooller Master laptop cooler for birthday. Below I will write down my experiences. Before I go into details, I must say that overall, I have been very pleased with it. Do I recommend it for everyone to get one? Absolutely, a resounding YES! All I need now is some solar panel laptop charger to save some electricity consumption, which probably is barely noticeable.

Number of Fans

It has two fans that can be moved easily anywhere along the laptop cooler

Tempreture of Laptop

Previously hot laptop barely has any temperature, it is mildly lukewarm. It used to be so hot that when I didn't use the laptop I turned it off, for fear that it would catch on fire and might even cause a house fire. I will now let it run 24/7 and let World Community Grid (more information on what it is click here: run on it. I might even overclock the processor to run even faster.


Installation and setup was as easy as a breeze.

Effect of Laptop Speed

It doesn't slow down my computer. I kind of expected the laptop cooler to slow down my computer, but it actually didn't. Now, I actually measured it, it might probably slow down my laptop by a couple of milliseconds, but as the normal user experience is concerned, it has absolutely no effect on it.

Noise Level

It is completely silent. I thought that it would give a somewhat loud whirling sound, but it is completely silent.

Elevation of Laptop

Elevated laptop is convenient to type on and use. The keyboard is sloping downward now, and not horisontal. This ergonomical layout is actually even more comfortable to type with. For me, using the mousepad was slightly more comfortable when it was horizontal, but you can get completely used to it within a couple minutes; mousepad remains completely easy to use, it is just a mild comfort factor, but, again, it is easy to get used to.

Air from Fans

The air that is coming out of the two fans are quite cold. I was really surprised to feel the temperature of the air coming from the fans; I thought that they would be the same room temperature air, but actually much colder then room temperature. Now, don't expect freezing air coming out of the fans, but it is colder than lukewarm.

Power Cable

It is powered by a USB cable that is plugged into my laptop. To turn of the fans, all I have to do is simply to unplug the USB cable; it doesn't have a turnoff button, which is kind of strange, and I sometimes fear that the sudden stop of electric power to the fan when I unplug it will damage the fans, but obviously it doesn't otherwise the manufacturer would have put on on. The USB cable's head on the one side has the plug that goes into your computer, on the other side of the plug head it has an USP port, so if you have only one USB port on your laptop, you could have another that you could use for your pendrive, or whatever device you have that needs a USB port. This USB power cable for the Cooler Master also functions kind of like a USB extension cable, although the end of the cables are fixed into the fans, which I am sure, you could take of if you disassembled the fans.


The package also came with a separate rubber band that you could pull over you Cooler Master and your laptop so it won't slip off, however, that it not really needed because the rubber pads on this laptop cooler do their job properly, and your laptop wont slip off of the Cooler Master. This separate rubber band is black, 2.5 millimeters in with, 1 millimeter in thichness, and is 23.5 millimeter long, when it is in resting position, that is, it is not pulled out.

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