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Coolest Electronic Gadgets: The Viewsonic gTablet

Updated on March 13, 2012

The Viewsonic gTablet is one of the electronic gadgets that is functional and yet stylish. It has a touch screen that is bigger than 10 inches which means that it is great for web browsing, juggling between apps and even watching movies or videos. One of the coolest features of the wide screen is that it allows users to view web pages just as they are seen on computers. These is one of the new gadgets that allow users to enjoy and share their music files and videos.

Electronics are the heart of gadgets
Electronics are the heart of gadgets

The gTablet is one of the best gadgets in town, because it offers uses mobility and independence from the PC or laptop. Most people need to be glued to their computer screen and cannot go outside because they are chatting with their friends or watching a video. The tablet gives people the freedom to take the tablet with them without being as bulky as an open laptop.

These laptop stands out from the latest gadgets because it has a 1 GHz ARM A9 Processor which gives it the speed to allow users to move from one app to the other. It has different buttons for Home, Menu, Search and Back.It also has a volume control on the top.

If you are looking for a brand tablet, the Viewsonic gTablet is not exactly the best brand in town, but it's not $500 either like the iPad 2, so that's why it makes more sense for a price sensitive consumers.

And given the current state of the economy it's no wonder that we're all price conscious consumers who try to maximise what we get for the money we spend of our electronic gadgets. So keep in mind that the Viewsonic gTablet is not the best tablet around, but a good choice considering it's not a no-name appearance.


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