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Corsair Bulldog DIY Kit- 4K Gaming for the Living Room

Updated on June 2, 2015

I have been a supporter of small form factor PCs for a long time and have owned one from the last 3 years. The SFF(small form factor) market has been steadily rising and with manufacturers now releasing more and more mini ITX motherboards and chassis, the market is heating up nicely.

Corsair Bulldog DIY Kit

In Computex 2015, Corsair unveiled the Bulldog DIY Kit. I have got to be honest, first time I heard the name, I did not like it (and still don't) but when I found out about it a little more, it got me really excited.

The Bulldog DIY kit is not just a chassis, it's a complete kit with a mini ITX motherboard, a 600W power supply and liquid cooling for the CPU in addition to the chassis. If you have ever built a SFF system, you know this solves a LOT of your problems as you now don't need to mix and match these components and worry about them playing well with each other.

Corsair Bulldog (front, external)
Corsair Bulldog (front, external)

So let me reiterate that for you, at a price of $400, you get:

  • A pretty neat mini ITX Chassis
  • An Intel Z97 motherboard (looks like a Asus Z97I-Plus)
  • A mini 600W fully modular power supply
  • CPU liquid cooler

In my books, that's a very good deal. All you need to do now is drop in your favorite CPU and graphics card and you have your very own console look-alike (but much more powerful).

CPU Cooling
CPU Cooling

Corsair has put a lot of thought into this. They have used their expertise in power and cooling to fix a lot of problems with SFF PCs. Firstly, they CPU cooler uses a blower type fan (typically that is used in graphics cards) which a pretty cool fix for this kind of a product. The PSU too, is smaller than our regular PSUs but still pumps out 600W at high efficiency and low noise.

Some of the optional upgrade you can add are liquid cooler for the GPU and a mounting bracket, for $99, which again is a pretty sweet deal.

All in all it makes for an extremely powerful PC and the price is surprisingly. The bulldog is slated for a Q4 2015 release, so there is time to save up. I probably will pick it up when it eventually comes to India, but do let me know what you think and if you would like to get one.

What are your thoughts about a small form factor PC?

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