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Corsair USB flash key drive Reviews - Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor

Updated on July 24, 2009
The Corsair Flash Voyager
The Corsair Flash Voyager
The Corsair Survivor
The Corsair Survivor

Corsair USB Flash Drives

If you take a look at the range of USB flash drives Corsair offers you can see they have chosen a very unique looking product line, and thats what entices people to buy them in the first place and also claims that the flash drives are almost indestructable.

Claims such as you can run over it with your care or you can drop into your glass of chardonnay and not have to worry about retrieving your data. Whatever you do dont try microwaving it though someone tried that and it was definitely dead :P.

The sizes the corsair flash voyager and corsair flash survivor come in are usb flash drives 4gb , 2gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb

Corsair Flash Voyager and your groovy strap, I got the blue strap not the black:)
Corsair Flash Voyager and your groovy strap, I got the blue strap not the black:)
The waterproof test, if you dare:P
The waterproof test, if you dare:P

Corsair Flash Voyager Review

This was the first Corsair USB flash drive I have ever used , chose it mostly due to the fact every other brand had the dullest looking usb key's in the world. At least it would help stop me from leaving it behind.


Water Proof

This corsair flash voyager is actually waterproof as it claims up to 100 ft and there are many times I spilt my drink on it and I whenever I go out its in my bag next to my leaky drink bottle and has survived easily.

Basically the reason its waterproof is due to the rubber coating and the snug fit of the cap , so whatever you do dont chew on the cap or let your dog chew it as if it comes loose enough they may be just enough room for water to get in and ruin it.


For me the design was something that attracted me to this USB key, and its very unique and is very easy to handle and plug into USB slots due to its comfortable rubber coating which feels like an old style rubber pencil grip.


A very decently priced USB flash drive especially considering the flashy design, waterproof and shock proof qualities.

Shock Proof

Another good feature is it is shock proof so If anyone has experienced a USB slot spark you don't have to worry about destroying your flash voyager. Sounds strange but its happened to me before.

Corsair Strap

Not a huge selling point but its nice to get a cool looking strap with your corsair USB flash key , and it clips on nicely to the voyager to hang it around your neck or so you can swing it around as you walk down the halls.

Strong Connector

This is something I hear a lot from corsair flash voyager uses, they seem to manage to break off the actual part that goes into the USB slot:S, i'm not sure if they are just ramming it into anything that looks like a USB slot, but I can assure you I had no trouble with bendy connectors or anything like that. Beats me how people manage to snap it off

Corsair Flash Voyager Con's


Speeds Vary

Sometimes you may get a little inpatient with the speeds and how long it takes to write and copy files to your USB flash drive. For me it wasn't especially slower than other USB flash drives but I guess any device will have a hard time transferring large files or even worse a whole bunch of small to medium files (photos).

Voyager Mini

I would avoid the voyager mini due to the fact it has a slide in and out connector which can break off easily, and generally that type of design is quite flimsy.

Running Apps, Movies off Drive

If your running more than 1 application off your USB flash drives it tends to start getting a little slow, especially transferring and watching a movie will leave you with a chuggy video quality.

Corsair Flash Survivor
Corsair Flash Survivor

Corsair Flash Survivor Review

So I only recently bought the Corsair flash Survivor probably due to intrigue after watching video's of people driving over the survivor with a ten tonne truck. It also has a great time capsule like design if that catches your fancy.



The corsair flash survivor has a great stand out design, looks like a groovy time capsule and its a lot more fun than your regular USB flash drives:P Its also amazingly strong and casing can take quite a beating

Very Strong & Waterproof

The corsair flash survivor has been drop tested, shock tested and all that. I have yet to try testing it waterproof features will probably give it a go soon, I think it is waterproof to around 150metres or so.



This USB flash drive is quite a bit more expensive than other competitors USB flash drives, but I guess you pay for the extra features and durability.


Again I am seeing fast speeds for reading off the device, but sometimes painfully slow when copying files to the USB flash drive even with USB 2.0 controller set up for maximum transfer rate.

Loose End-Cap

Another downside I have heard is that the cap on the end of the corsair flash survivor seems to be attached poorly and falls off after some time, this hasn't happened to me yet only had it for 1 month but I will update on any problems that occur.

Corsair Flash Voyager and Survivor

Overall - The corsair flash range overall is very good, and the most appealing features is mainly to do with its durability, which is amazing so its definitely great for someone who treats there usb drive to a lot wear.

The only downside may be the speed so anyone tranferring files bigger than a gigabyte on a regular basis should probably avoid this one, but then again I'm sure keeping your files safe and accessible is more important than speed, usually.


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    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      thanks for the comment metaphysician:P sorry to hear your not adventurous enough:P dont you just wanna drive over your USB drive for a bit of fun:P

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      From the images that you put up, I will love to have one. Nice design and plus many advantages over ordinary flash drives as you mentioned. But I'm not that adventurous so just stick with the normal type that stays mostly in the office and my briefcase.

      Thanks for your informative hub.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Thanks for share. its a good idea. great hub