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Cotton Bale Plucker in Textile Mills.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

King Cotton.

Cotton of various types as required are placed and the plucker picks it.


Have You Seen A Textile Mill.

Words cannot express how this King Cotton feeds billions of family's around the world.A visit to a textile mill will convince anyone that working in a textile mill is like singing a song.Your first song is sung by the Bale Plucker machine.No textle mill can work efficiently with out this machine.All it does is to pluck cotton from Bales placed by its side and take it in to the machine for opening and cleaning.This is an automatic machine just to pluck cotton like you pluck a flower.

The amount of cotton that it should pluck is adjested and the traverse length is also set for the number of cotton bales that are kept by its side.As cotton is a fiber which has different set of fiber parameters from bale to bale and from place to place where it is grown we need to have a homogeneous mixture of cotton which will carry the desired quality in the fibers.

This bale plucker plucks cotton from several bales and makes a homogeneous mixture fed in to the machine as you see in the video above.As the cotton isconstantly plucked the bale gets exhausted and the operator pushes the new set of bales and allows the machine to start once again.The bales are arranged in such a way that it gets exhausted once in 4 hours or even 8 hours so that a rest or a break is made for the operator to have his lunch.

The next process is a set of various machines in a row operating as per programmed settings which opens,cleans and feeds it to the next machine where again it is opened and cleaned,this opening and cleaning is repeated till the desired opening and cleaning is done as per requirement or standards.The final machine is a LAP former of fixed length and weight.There is also a provision to take the opened cotton to the next process.

Here the next song begins in the same sequence which is opening the tufts and cleaning including forming it in a sheet form rolled to fixed width and length including its weight per every meter of its length OR fed direct to the next machine in the next process which is called Carding.


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