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Courtesy of Our Culture

Updated on February 23, 2016

Deeds Not Being Nice

· The situation in which the driver is not considerate on the road,

· People throw rubbish indiscriminately,

· Cutting line driving habits irreverent and dangerous

· Do not apologize when mistakes,

· Speaking rude with customers / roughness of customers

· Smoking in non-smoking areas is

· Lack of civic sense of public property

Sincere smiles

Even the most basic courtesy of smiles and thank you's still hard to see in society today.

Some experts said the campaign, which is now called the Courtesy and Noble Values, whether the goal should be continued even though its effectiveness has not been widespread.

Activities Conducted

Services 1.Mengenang Mother And Father (Family)

Organizes activities such as family meals, respecting parents, celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day, Poetry Competition, a display and a Sunday family.

2. Students Courtesy (Learning)

Hold a contest speech, language, poetry, drama, skits, choral speaking, boria, chants west, quizzes, nasyid, Travel Courtesy, drawing, animation, Awards of Distinction and Camp Dormitory identity.

3. Courtesy (Society)

Organizes activities such as Sunday Courtesy, Know Your Neighbors and Driving Campaign Be polite.

4. Smile and Thank You (Services)

A campaign 'Know Me' for enforcement and counter service members to adopt a culture of smile, introduce yourself and say thank you.

5.Cintai Environment, Flora and founa

Organizes activities such as gotong-royong 'Clean my river Alamku Permai,''Tandas Clean', 'Village Beautiful People Cheerful', 'City Courtesy Award', 'Booth Award / Best Supermarket "and" Award for Small Companies'

The campaign will be held as found among the current values ​​and practices that are harsh life, who do not speak, that ignores morality and civilized. How to serve, how to serve customers or the public by the front desk staff in government departments had caused dissatisfaction among the public.

Kempen Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita

Now we move to collect the precious heritage. Kempen Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita is a wave that is hoped will restore the people's basic cultural life of this country.

Kempen Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita and is as important as the amount of 2020, which makes the dream destination of Malaysia as an industrial nation. Just look at the challenges of Vision 2020 to become a developed nation in the mold of our culture.

To not look too big and scary, just look at the language in the context of everyday life of all social classes in society. Courtesy practices that easy to do as welcome guests, entertain guests and informal procedures when met.

Budi and language will not be rewarded and not be rewarded. Discretion and good language will remain a memento.

Bob Bingham

From home to Dike Dike
Daily supplies of bananas
Good deeds rewarded well
In the heart remembered the

Planting palm grows lenggun
Rising interest shoots dead
I do not forget your kindness
It has been glued in the liver

Calm sea
Dinghy dinghy back to cape
Be remembered mouths
Budi good feeling like trellis

The ship sailed from Arakan
Download your salary so jemudi
Dead fish as bait
I die because of the goodwill

Hanging parrot fly
Let perch on dead branches
Not ringgit despised
Courtesy heart network


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