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Covert-Cool Gadgets to Make You 007

Updated on November 25, 2013

Many spy devices seened and used in various spy movies are, of course, not real. But, there are some that are that you can buy and use. You can pretend to a 007 spy or part of a CIA\FBI\M5 apparatus.

The following items can be purchased:

1. Armasight Night Vision Monocular ($524). This is to see in the night. This one is one of the better ones that really does provide details in the night even in total blackness.

2. Voice Changer($600). This is unique because if you are a guy, you can sound like a woman and vice versa. This is not the "darth vader" voice sound but one that is realistic. Adapters allow you to use this with a phone or computer. This is scary because it makes you wonder about strange calls left on the machine.

3.The Gerber Tactical Pen($62).No, this is not a pen that turns into a knife, but its ballpoint that can also write is a sharp with tempered steel tip pen that can crack glass, even a windshield. If you need to write, it has a pressurized ink cartridge even on wet surfaces.

4. SV-WRSD Wireless RF Signal Detector ($180). This devices can scan a room to detect hidden cameras or bugs using a frequency between 1 megahertz to 8 gigahertz. Easy to use when you are in a compromising areas.


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