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Crazy List of Pet Peeves in Life

Updated on January 15, 2015

I can guarantee that everyone in this planet has an irritating experience caused by other people that we cannot control. Sometimes people do not realize that their actions or behaviors are annoying to others. Some people seem to have more pet peeves than others. It's either you strive for perfection or you have very low tolerance for things. There really isn't much we can do about it but move along or maybe avoid that person unless you want to control their behavior. It is a known fact that everyone is not perfect, therefore, it is best to inform the person whose committing the unpleasant behavior. Pet peeves are natural common incidents and you will encounter them frequently in your journey. It happens everywhere especially in public places such as malls, theaters, church, at the gym and also with family members in your house, when you are out with your friends,meeting new people and at your job. There is no escaping it.

With that being said, I decided to compile a list of what many people seem to consider the most annoying pet peeves in life. It's not surprising if you have some kind of pet peeve that nobody else has or isn't very common. Here is a list that may or may not rub some of your nerves.

  1. People who don't wash their hands after using the restroom.
  2. People with bad breath.(chew a gum or something)
  3. People who posts selfies all day on facebook and nothing else.
    (what else does life has to offer?)
  4. Driving slow in the fast lane. (why do they switch to fast lanes if they are going to drive slow for a while?)
  5. People who say "Don't judge".
    (very hypocritical in my opinion)
  6. Overusing of the word "like" every time they try explain things.
  7. Parking across two spaces.
  8. People who write HBD instead of Happy Birthday.
  9. When you are eating healthy, and they think you are not enjoying life.
  10. Dropping an F bomb on every sentence expecting respect and understanding.
  11. People who type in all CAPS
  12. Waiting in the DMV
  13. People who take long to pay at the register
  14. slow cashier
  15. Al Sharpton
  16. Fat people who dress skin tight clothes. (I give them A+ for confidence and being happy with their body, that's about it.)
  17. People who borrow things from you, and forget to give it back to you.(I'm guilty)
  18. Drivers that cuts you while talking on the phone.
  19. People who don't cover their nose when they are about sneeze or cough.
  20. Parents who don't control their bratty children.
  21. People who talk a lot about nothing.
  22. People who takes forever to get to the point.
  23. Buying gifts for people for Christmas not because you want to but because you feel like you have to.
  24. People who pay with check at the grocery store.
  25. People who adds,"you know what I'm saying" after each sentence.
  26. Obama and Bush.
  27. Happy morning people.
  28. Cashier repeats back your order at the drive through, but you can't understand what he/she is saying.
  29. People who can't differentiate "your" and you're".
  30. Women who pee on the public toilet seat and don't clean up after.
  31. People who thinks their children are so cute when they are super annoying. (Some parents gets it, and some parents seem to not have a clue)
  32. Anyone with a big ego.
  33. People who can put on a good fake front but talks behind your back.
  34. People that complains all the time.
  35. In a party setting, people who licks their fingers then proceeds to touch the food other people are eating. (I am watching you!)
  36. People with no sense of personal space.
  37. When you are waiting for a parking spot, it takes forever for the person to pull out.
  38. People who can't be direct and honest about their feelings. You end up have to guess what they really mean.
  39. Driving 45 mph on the highway.
  40. Drivers that tailgate.
  41. People who gives advice when you are asking them for one.
  42. Drivers who makes complete stop on a yield sign.
  43. Tourists in NYC that walks slow in front of you while looking at their big map trying to their way.(lol...figure it out on the side)
  44. Drivers who cuts in front of you and drive slow.
  45. People who don't give you chance to talk after giving your full attention to hear them out.
  46. People who say YOLO
  47. pointless meetings
  48. No toilet paper or paper towels in the public restroom.
  49. People that don't tip servers.
  50. People who feel entitled to have things given to them.
  51. Holding doors for strangers without saying "thank you"
  52. People with obnoxious laughter.
  53. People that uses other people's belongings without asking.
  54. Messy bathroom.
  55. People who for long period.
  56. Getting interrupted while talking without saying "sorry to interrupt you" or something else.
  57. Double dipping.( Get a plate)
  58. People who tosses something in the garbage can and leave it on the ground when they miss.
  59. People who cancels out the last minute.
  60. Heavy procrastinators.
  61. Driving below the speed limit.
  62. when people leave their grocery cart in the middle of the aisle.
  63. Parents that allow their children to throw tantrum and scream their heart out in public places without intervening.
  64. Drivers who don't use signal when they are turning.
  65. A grocery cart blocking a parking space.


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