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Create Free Electricity At Home | How Can You Do That?

Updated on May 19, 2010

Is It Possible To Create Free Electricity At Home?

In the last decade it has been realized that there is a great tendency for turning green and big efforts have been made to increase the awareness about living green and improving the environment. The question here is it really possible to create free electricity at home? This question is very famous on the internet now days and is frequently asked by those who want to reduce their electricity consumption.

This increased awareness in fact didn't come from nowhere but is basically due to many combined factors which have pushed many people to think out of the box to find alternatives. The most important factor here is savings. It is believed that saving on some key elements will have positive effect on your life and your monthly budget especially if you want to stick to a specific budget and tighten the belt.

Free Resource = Free Energy = Free Electricity At Home!

Creating free electricity at home is achieved by using a free resource as the source for your energy. Looking around you will realize the tons of free resources which can be used to generate electricity and that it not weird because in fact even the big players use the same methods but on mega scale to serve massive demands. a free resource could be the sun, the wind, the water fall, the waste, etc.... However as a home user you will be more interested in a realistic plan!

Always Need A "Plan B"
Always Need A "Plan B"

Your Will Need A Plan !

A realistic plan can be making some solar panels, some wind mills or a small magnetic generator and see here guys when I say make yes I mean it! Because simply these solutions can be built easily at home and no need to buy them actually because they are pretty expensive if you decide to buy them. who care if you use a "Class B" materials rather than "Class A" when you make your own solution we only want to make our solution alive and start getting results but who also GUARANTEE that when you buy a ready made solution it will be "Class A"?

The key point here to create free electricity at home is to be smart and learn the skills and apply them, there is no brainer here folks just learn how to do it and apply that's it !!

But what are the differences between all of these solution? we need to know so we can choose. A solar panel depends on collecting the sun rays during the daylight time and transferring the energy collected into a battery were we can keep it and reuse it later. A wind mill is the same concept except that we here depends on the velocity of the winds to collect much power.

On the other hand there is the magnetic generator which has a slightly different concept. Magnetic generators don't depend on external factors to create free electricity at home and that is the main advantage about them as they work independently. Their concept is different because they depend on magnetic forces inside the magnets embedded in the generator body to create forces and converting them into usable electrical energy.

Customers All Over The Universe

260,000 Existing Customers
260,000 Existing Customers

Ok What's Next Buddy?

At this point you are now familiar with the ways you can take for creating free electricity at home and it came to choosing now the correct route. Two months back I decided to build my own magnetic generator due to many reasons but the most importantly was because I don't live in that sunny state where I will have the sun rising for 9-10 hours a day to supply me with that amount of energy to power up my home and also because I needed something not expensive and reliable at the same time.

You can build your magnetic generator by downloading one of those good guides and buying the needed tools to assemble your generator. It is actually not a hard task or something like that just dedicate a weekend to follow the manual and you will be done!

The other reason which have made me decide to build a magnetic generator at my own home is because I have found that this machine is very popular with thousands of people using it all over the world and it is pretty easy to be constructed in a weekend so I felt I am not alone and that made me quite comfortable!

What Is Your Preferred Way To Create Free Electricity At Home?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      if the method you give actually worked why do we have energy issues? This is just another way of saying there is such a thing as a perpetual motion machine, which there isn't. bye

    • profile image

      Junaid Faridi 

      4 years ago

      Why u don't use Geo Energey. Dig deep hole in earth upto kms for getting 100 degree heat put pipes inside and get steam from inside permanent, fix turbine and get energy. it is permanent and free electricity generation

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      FYI The Universe includes a lot more than the United States of America. There are even other countries on Earth.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ever tried Tesla coils to generate free power for your home?

    • profile image

      samuel sogo 

      5 years ago

      please guild me about electric in my e mail

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I like solar energy please guide me my email address is

    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 

      6 years ago from Ireland

      Unfortunately "magnetic generators" which produce free electricity don't exist. The law of conservation of energy means that you don't get something for nothing. Mechanical energy has to be input to a generator to get electrical energy out.


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