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Create a New Toolbar in Excel 2003

Updated on August 7, 2010

Excel 2003 provides many toolbars such as Picture, PivotTable and Formula Auditing, that enable you to complete Excel tasks at the click of a button.  These toolbars usually appear whenever necessary, for example, the PivotTable toolbar appears on inserting a PivotTable.

However they do not have toolbars to include every Excel feature and it may be beneficial to create your own toolbar that contains the features you use the most.

All Office 2003 applications allow you to create your own toolbar. For this hub we will create a toolbar with the AutoFilter, Freeze Panes, Sort Ascending and Clear Formatting buttons. These are four extremely useful and popular tools within Excel.

Create a New Toolbar

1. Click Tools > Customize

2. Click the Toolbars tab in the Customize dialogue box

3. Click the New button

4. Enter a name for the new toolbar. For this hub, the toolbar will be called Useful Tools

Creating a new toolbar in Excel 2003
Creating a new toolbar in Excel 2003

5. Click Ok

6. The toolbar is created and should be visible on screen

Adding Buttons to the Toolbar

1. With the Customize dialogue box still open, Click the Commands tab

2. In the Categories list on the left, select Data

3. In the Commands list on the right, find AutoFilter and click and drag it onto your toolbar

Dragging the AutoFilter button onto the toolbar
Dragging the AutoFilter button onto the toolbar
Finished Toolbar
Finished Toolbar

4. Then find Sort Ascending in the Commands list and click and drag the button onto the toolbar

5. Select Edit in the Categories list, select Clear Formatting from the list of commands and move it onto the toolbar

6. And finally, select Window from the Categories list, find Freeze Panes in the Commands list and drag it onto the Useful Tools toolbar

7. Click Close

The toolbar has been created and includes 4 regularly used Excel tools. You can add as many buttons as you want to the toolbar so that it is customised completely to your needs.

It can then be placed (docked) anywhere on screen and will be available whenever need to create or edit a spreadsheet.

Find more great Excel tips in our Microsoft Excel Training Guides.

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