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Create a SSIS project: How to create a simple SSIS project?

Updated on September 15, 2014

For any type of data warehouse's integration services related task, we have to create a SQL Server Integration Services poject. After successful creation of the project, we can create package and define task, data flow etc. This tutorial will shows you a detail step by step instructions to create a SQL Server Integration Services project. In short, we may say that we will create a SSIS project easily.

Goal of this tutorial

Our goal of this tutorial to create a simple SSIS project. Simply, crate a SSIS project and name it as usefulTutorialClub.

Steps to create a SSIS project

Step 1: Open Microsoft Visual Studio.

Step 2: Click on File. The File menu will be expanded and click on New to expand it. Under New, you will see three options: Project..., Web Site.. and File... Our goal is to create a SSIS project and it is a project type. So, we have to choose, Project. Click on Project...

Step 3: The New Project window will be appeared. Choose a template type. On the left side of the opened window, you will see Business Intelligence type template. There are three types of Business Intelligence templates are available there: Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services. Choose Integration Services type of template and click on that. Now, right side, it will shows two types of Integration services project type: Integration Services Project and Integration Services Import Project Wizard. You can choose anyone. But our goal is to start it from the scratch. So, we will choose Integration Services Project. Click on Integration Services Project to select that.

Step 4: Type the name of the project in the Name field. We type UsefulTutorialClub on the Name field. Click OK to create the new SSIS project.

Following the above steps, we can easily create a SSIS project.

Video of this tutorial


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