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Create an Excel FA Cup Draw

Updated on April 6, 2011

This article will look at how to create an FA cup draw in Excel. The Excel FA cup draw file is available for download and the functions and techniques that are used are explained.

The finished spreadsheet provides buttons that when clicked perform the draw for the appropriate round. All rounds of the FA cup excluding the qualifying rounds are used.

Download the FA cup spreadsheet.xlsm. Open it and have a play while you read through the rest of the article.

The spreadsheet includes two worksheets:

Data: Used for the hiddenfunctions required to perform a random draw each round

Cup Draw: Includes the cup draw for the user to see and provides the buttons to interact with the spreadsheet

Excel FA cup draw spreadsheet
Excel FA cup draw spreadsheet

Randomly Selecting a Team

One technique that was a requirement to perform the cup draw was the ability to randomly select a team from the hat. Two columns were used for each round to assign the competing teams with a unique number. The number was then used to select the team.

The RAND() function was used in one column to create a random number between 0 and 1. Then in the second column the RANK() and COUNTIF() functions were combined like below to turn the random number into a unique integer.


VLOOKUP() functions were then used on the Cup Draw sheet to select the teams by using their unique number they were assigned with.

Check out this Excel Vlookup function tutorial.

Putting the Next Rounds Teams in the Hat

For the next round the winning teams from the previous round will need to be put into the hat to be drawn. This was performed using simple IF() function like below.

=IF('Cup Draw'!B2="","",IF('Cup Draw'!B2>'Cup Draw'!D2,'Cup Draw'!A2,IF('Cup Draw'!B2<'Cup Draw'!D2,'Cup Draw'!E2)))

The functions test to see if the previous round has been played yet. If it has it tests to see which team one and then return the winning team.

Turn Automatic Formulas Off

Automatic formulas are turned off on the spreadsheet as each time you edit a cell the RAND() function runs. To turn off automatic formulas:

  1. Click on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Calculation Options button
  3. Select Manual from the list

Apply manual calculations
Apply manual calculations

Run the Formulas

Buttons are used to run the formulas required to perform the cup draws. The buttons are inserted below each round of fixtures and have VBA code assigned to them to run the specific formulas needed for that round.

The VBA code below was used for the first round. Change the cell ranges as required for the other rounds of the FA cup.

Sub Calc_first()


    Worksheets("Cup Draw").Range("A2:A41").Calculate

    Worksheets("Cup Draw").Range("E2:E41").Calculate

End Sub


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    • profile image

      gary 2 years ago

      Sorry but I don't understand the 3rd round is bigger that the second round and when I input scores round 1 and 2 are ok but round 3 I get about 20 Fulham added to it to complete the draw