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Creating Backlink in a Post-Penguin World and remaining Unaffected from Future Similar Updates

Updated on March 9, 2013
Creating backlinks!
Creating backlinks! | Source

Creating backlinks in the current SEO scenario

Backlinks has always formed the core of SEO. Google used backlinks to establish the popularity of a website based on its PageRank system, and it interpreted it as a vote from a page in a website for another page in another website. Thus, websites having a considerable number of backlinks had a better PageRank. But, the PageRank system was largely exploited by search engine optimizers and this led to linkspam.

Google has since outdated its previous ways of ranking websites and has introduced 'intelligence' into its ranking algorithm. Google Panda which was released in the February of 2011 changed the way the search engine results ranking happened. The Google Panda used artificial intelligence to determine the quality of a website and determined if it was a high quality one or a low quality one, similar to how a human tester would have categorized the same website. Based on the new search engine ranking algorithm's findings numerous low quality websites who until then topped search engine rankings found themselves pushed far below in terms of search engine ranking. Google Penguin was an update to Panda and it was released on the 24th of April, 2012. Considerable changes to search engine rankings were noticed during Penguin's release too. These updates to Google's search engine algorithms was Google's way of issuing a penalty to people who had 'over-optimized' their websites.

Safe ways to creating backlinks in a post-Penguin world

Use of Article Marketing Websites

Google expects you to produce 'good content', and there is no better way to create good content than by creating articles relating to your niche, and submitting them on article marketing websites like ezine, articlesbase, goarticles, and so forth. These websites expect article authors to stick to certain guidelines while creating content, and the submitted articles are strictly evaluated by the website's editors to ensure that the article adheres to the guidelines set by the respective article marketing websites. The advantage of submitting your articles to such websites is that articles go through a rigorous scrutiny, and thus you can be assured that if an article has been approved for online publication, then the article is indeed 'good', non-repetitive, non-promotional, in accordance with category, and has some substance in it. While the article is your way of providing good content, the 'author box' that the article marketing website provides the author, is the place where information about your website, etc can be published.

Thus, article marketing websites are the safest of ways that helps you with creating backlinks to your websites.

Creating backlinks to your website through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an easy way to create backlinks to your website that are safe from Google updates. Guest blogging is similar to submitting articles to article marketing websites, but it is dissimilar to the extent that rather than submit the article for editors to review, in guest blogging, it is the owner of the blog who would review the submitted post. In the normal sense, guest blogging gives you the ability of gaining at least two backlinks to your website per guest blog post. Like in the case of article marketing website, here too the blog owner should approve of your submitted guest blog post, for the backlinks to become active. Hence, you should spend considerable amount of time in creating good content that the blog owner would be pleased to post in his or her blog, thus giving you your required backlinks. Certain guest blogs will have provisions that allows you to submit your posts for review, and in some cases you will have to submit your posts directly to the blog owner through email. It is up to you to ensure that the blog, and the contents of your post are in lines with your niche.

Creating backlinks by writing eBooks

eBooks too requires of you to create content which is useful to readers. The eBooks you create can then be submitted to websites that deals with document submissions like docstoc, or pdfcast, and so forth. You could mention your website URL within the eBook, and this is bound to be picked up by Google. In certain cases, websites like docstoc has provisioned an author bio, where details about your website, and promotional content about yourself, and your business could be mentioned. Thus, eBooks too is a way of providing good content that a reader can benefit from, and in return you could benefit from backlinks to your website.

These are some white hat ways that you could utilize to generate backlinks to your website. Further, you could pick the links of your approved postings from the various websites, whether article submission, guest blog posting, or eBook submission, and post them on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitters, etc. The popularity that these posts gain on these social networking websites will in turn bring value to your website, and also traffic. Social networking websites too are a means of creating backlinks to your website, the white hat way.


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