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Creating Electricity & Saving Our Nation & the World Naturally

Updated on December 26, 2012

Water Gives Life!

Title:Niagara Falls ~ Attribution License:  ~ Photographer:Chris Metcalf
Title:Niagara Falls ~ Attribution License: ~ Photographer:Chris Metcalf

Other than solar…

I’ve discussed solar power and some simple ways to use it in another article. Now I’d like to talk about a few other natural ways to make electricity that aren’t as easy for individuals to use as the sun is, but that we should still think about very seriously.

Water and the wind are two great ways electricity can be produced, and many big power companies use these methods every day. Bio-Gas & Bio-Waste are also great innovations in energy production.

As citizens of Mother Earth, we need to let them know that we want them to use these clean, safe natural methods much, much more and stop endangering us and the only planet we have with the use of nuclear energy and oil.

The Power of Water

Not only can the power of water create electricity without producing carbon dioxide, it can also create negative ions that are good for the environment and good for our health. Negative ions are the reason you want to inhale deeply and the reason you feel better whenever you are around running water or waterfalls.

Unfortunately, to create the sort of waterfall necessary to generate electricity, it is usually necessary to build a gigantic dam. This can cause lots of environmental problems in terms of causing drought in areas that formerly had water and having a negative impact on fish and other creatures that live in the body of water.

Even so, this method of creating electricity is used a great deal. In fact, the power of water makes about ninety percent of all electricity that is produced by renewable methods today. Still, it will be best if we encourage our officials to explore solar power and wind energy over the power of water.

Clean, Powerful, Renewable Wind

Night Sea Water ~  Photo Express:
Night Sea Water ~ Photo Express:

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind!

You’re sure to have seen the wind farms in various big, flat, open spaces around our nation. They even have them out at sea, and I have just read today that a new one has been started in Africa.

Windmills or turbines can produce a lot of electricity with just the power of the wind. Unfortunately, there are a lot of electric corporations that also turn their windmills using heat from petroleum products and coal.

This seems more than a little bit counterproductive to me. Again, we need to let these companies know that it is time to leave these dirty, old-fashioned ways of creating energy behind and step into the clean modern world of natural energy and power.

Using the power of the wind is the natural and logical way to use windmills to create power! This method can produce lots of electricity with little or no negative impact on the environment. Harnessing the power of the wind without the use of coal and oil can save us money and save our planet!

There was a very good reason why Einstein regretted having split the atom!

Title:Nuclear Generator ~  License:MorgueFile License ~  Photographer:"Click"
Title:Nuclear Generator ~ License:MorgueFile License ~ Photographer:"Click"

No Nukes!

Many officials today are trying to push the idea of nuclear energy. It is very obvious that their reasons for doing so are based in having cronies in the nuclear energy business. I don’t care how “safe” they say they can make it or what safeguards are put on it, nuclear energy is as dangerous as all get-out and needs to be banned.

Look at what's happened in Japan, 3-Mile Island, and the many, many other examples of disaster caused by nuclear energy. We absolutely do not need to build more nuclear reactors with their potential of explosion, death and destruction. Even in the best case scenario, what are we supposed to do with all the toxic waste generated by this type of energy production?

Bio-Gas and Bio-Waste Electricity Production is a Win-Win Deal!

In South Africa and India processing plants have been set up to make electricity using the natural gasses from waste products. This includes human waste and other types of compostable, degradable items. This is a situation that not only produces valuable electricity, it also makes good use of products that would be polluting the waterways, filling landfills or littering the streets!

Bio-Gas and Bio-Waste electricity production is an option we should definitely be exploring in the US. Our infrastructure is crumbling while our politicians argue about how to take money away from taxpayers and give it to corporations. Instead they should be looking into ways to employ our citizens and shore up our infrastructure.

Tell Your Elected Official!

Training people in the creation of energy through solar, wind, water, and bio-waste and bio-gas sources just makes sense for our nation. Focusing our efforts on natural energy production would create jobs, save money, and save our nation and the world. Be sure to tell your member of congress I said so!


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