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Creating a web site at the push of a button

Updated on July 19, 2013


I am going to make you a web design star.  Seeing these words, thoughts are going through your head that you have to learn Photoshop, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML, etc.  But what if I told you I can make you a web design star and all you have to do is push a button.  Do I have your interest?

Traditional Web Site Design

The traditional way of designing a web site is not impossible. That is, using those tools or technologies that I listed above. It just takes a lot of practice and persistence. You can't settle for your first design. You have to keep at it. But unless you are in the business of designing web sites, it can take a chunk of your time away from what is your normal business functions. That can really hurt your business. So you want to try and stay away from the traditional method of designing on your own.

Why Not Just Hire a Professional Instead?

Then there is the idea of hiring someone else to do it or outsource your web site.  This will free you up but unless you trust the designer, you are probably not going to get  the site you were hoping for and it is more than likely going to cost you way more than was estimated.  I am not trying to take away anything from designers - there are some really good ones out there.  But the really good ones are good for a reason and the cost to get them is going to be higher than you'd want to pay. Think about that if you had multiple sites that you wanted to get running.  That can get expensive fast.

Good Web Sites Need To Have Something To Say Too

So you need a way of creating a web site at the push of a button.  But this web site has to look good and be functional too.  That sounds like a tall order.  Again, if you were attempting this in the traditional way it would be.  If you hire someone like I suggested, that would take care of the look of your site (hopefully) but it won't do much for the filling your site(s) with content.

How to Get Instant, Desirable Content

So my proposal is once again for creating a web site at the push of a button.  What you want to do, is to make sure your hosting company provides you with the ability to create a blog (preferably Wordpress, Drupal  or Joomla).  Don't worry.  The majority of hosting companies today give you that ability.  So go ahead and install the blog software on your site (let's use Wordpress for the sake of the example).  Installation is really easy so don't panic about this step.  Ask your hosting company how to go about doing it. This too, is usually a push of a button or two so it fits with our methodology of creating a web site at the push of a button.

More on That Content Thing - It's Important!

Once you have your Wordpress blog installed on your site, test it out to see that it is working. If it's not, just ask for help from your hosting company (this will be a good test to see if they are responsive!) If everything works out, you should see a standard, albeit, boring Wordpress blog, one similar to thousands if not millions of other sites. But here's the story behind that. Using Wordpress and getting the word out that you have a blog, this takes care of what to put on your site. It doesn't do diddly for how the site looks. We'll get to that next. There are even plug ins for Wordpress that can fill up the site with actual content that is appropriate to the theme of your site (that's a whole other article).

YOU LOOK MARVELOUS. (Or At Least Your Site Will!)

Now back to the look and feel.  This one is truly the best part about creating a web site at the push of a button.  There is a software package that is taking the market by storm that can actually make a fantastic looking site at the push of a button.  It randomly select components, such as the header, the menu, the layout, and spits out a design for you to either use or move onto the next design.  And they look fantastic too.  But that's not all.  Should you want to incorporate your own components such as your own graphics or photos, that's easily done with this software.  I've included a link at the bottom of this site where you can download the software for free.

Conclusion - or Where Do We Go From Here?

So there you have it. I can make you a web site design star by creating a web site at the push of a button. One that will not only contain dynamic, updating content, but looks fantastic and professional. Your inner design is awaiting you!

Become a Web Design Star Now!

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