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Current Trends in Application Development in IT in India

Updated on November 26, 2018
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Current trends in application development in IT in India


The very essence of information technology is that it's ever-changing and frequently whats considered cutting-edge or state-of-the-art technology is replaced by yet another newer technology that caters to client requirements in a far effective manner. In other words, the obsolescence of technologies is the norm in this day and age.

There was a time when the internet, for example, was incubating or was in its nascent stages, it was unthinkable that technologies would be outdated frequently and rapidly. Over time though, any new and emerging technology isn’t regarded as a miraculous change rather an accepted norm.

The crux of the matter is that what's trending currently will undoubtedly be obsolete or outdated sooner than one might think. The software development industry, in particular, is where changing trends in technologies occur frequently and at times for vendors or service providers its hard coping with the demand for bespoke solutions or fulfilling the expectations of their clients all the time.

Given that information technology is indeed changing nonetheless there are trending technologies that are here to stay for a long time and will not be outdated anytime soon. The software industry essentially is a very demanding sector and vendors or service providers are compelled to provide exactly the solutions that their clients seek which could very well be implementing new and emerging technologies that are trending. in order to stay in business and survive. That is indeed the need of the hour as it were.

An IT service provider or vendor in this day and age ought to be able to proactively identify client requirements and accordingly recommend solutions using trending technologies which would, in turn, lead to retaining clients. If a client is indeed benefited as a result of a trending technology that a vendor may have implemented while offering tailored solutions then the client would stay put with the vendor and will not switch in a hurry. The trending technologies that have been around from past years and the new and emerging technologies of this year are

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Businesses these days are deeply interested in AI and how the technology can be used in their respective line of business. In fact, a lot of businesses have already implemented AI with the hope and expectation that this technology would improve efficiency and productivity. The application of AI has brought about an enormous change in big data, smartphones along with voice-enabled virtual assistants. Along with technology whats needed are skilled specialists who are adept at using the technology and therefore the need for chief data officers (CDOs) and data scientists. AI coupled with machine learning would potentially transform a business in the sense that smart products and services with AI as the backbone would alter the value proposition. Furthermore, process automation would be trending along with customer experience which would be digitally driven.

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT would be pervasive and indeed encompass a broad spectrum of human activity on a daily basis. A wide range of data would be generated and recorded from one slipping into a certain type of shoe, for example, to the way one grabs the steering of one’s vehicle. The purpose of generating the data is to refine and render improved services in the near future. The way these connected devices really work is that they gather huge volumes of data and therefore IT services companies are having to find cost-effective and speedier data processing techniques. Hence the need for edge computing, which essentially enables enhanced output from the IoT devices performing the online real-time analysis.

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