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Cyber Monday digital camera deals – say DISCOUNT!

Updated on March 13, 2012

With the holiday season closing in, major retailers are trying to turn a profit so the deals are pouring like the rain in pre-global-warming October.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a camera now is the time as the Cyber Monday camera deals are closing in quickly and surely. You’ll be able to get your fix irrespective of camera type – DSLR, digital or two-in-one!

In this post I'm going to tell a couple of things about where you can actually find excelent deals on cameras and what should you do in order to grab them easily.


Places to get good deals on digital cameras

My first stop on the quest of finding the best Cyber Monday camera deals brought me to Amazon. If you were planning on getting a digital camera this is a solid place to start. The Canon PowerShot SD4500IS is available for $179.95 down from the original $399. If you were waiting to get some digital camera Cyber Monday deals going, it almost looks like they started without you.

When moving on with my search, my next stop was at Target. They are offering some pretty great deals on their webpage as well, so if you were looking to pick up the best digital camera Cyber Monday deals, you are on to the right place here as well. Target is already offering the Canon EOS Rebel T3 digital SLR camera for $499.99 down from $599 and the Canon EOS Rebel 60D for $1,199 down from $1,299!

Of course that digital camera Cyber Monday deals will be within appropriate limits, so don’t expect to find a DSLR (a decent one that is) for under $1,000 even after all the discounts. There’s a reason for which good products maintain their price well. However, Cyber Monday camera deals can get you a good digital camera for under $200-$300 from an original price of $400-$500 as we’ve seen at Amazon.

While still searching around for the perfect deals on cameras for Cyber Monday I stumbled across Radio Shack (someone just left them there in the middle of the room). Here I found the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR camera for $549.99 down from $649.99. The Nikon D5100 is going for $749.99 down from $849.99.

Radio Shack is also offering up small simpler digital cameras for as low as $59.99 so you can get a decent digital camera for quite the low price tag.

And there's another better option

To give you a hand in finding the best Cyber Monday camera deals out on the web I recommend you check out this Cyber Monday Internet Deals site, as they have some of the best offers from a wide variety of retailers. They say they handpick those deals and only choose the ones that are worth the time, with proper discounts on good products you won't regret buying.

Bottom point, you do have a couple of good sources for digital cameras above, but in order to make the most of this process, you have to be prepared. Study the offers, put on paper your needs and expectations from the camera you're going to buy, find the best devices that can fulfill those expectations and then go ahead and see who has them cheaper.

So if you want a good and cheap camera, digital or SLR – go there and start browsing. Looking for camera deals on Cyber Monday 2011 should be fun and also should save you both time and money!

A video comparng two of the best priced DSLR cameras out there


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