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Good discounts and Cyber Monday iPod Touch deals - where to find them

Updated on March 13, 2012

I’ve been meaning for a while now to get my hands on a new MP3/MP4 player and if I’m already investing money in a new device, why shouldn’t I go for an Apple iPod Touch. Maybe if I’m lucky enough I could get some pretty cool Cyber Monday iPod Touch deals but then again we are dealing with a great product here.

The trouble with Apple products in general is that they tend to maintain their price tags even throughout the holidays. Unlike other companies Apple doesn’t have the need to discount their lineup since most will be sold either way. However, one can still hope and dream of getting some cool Cyber Monday iPod Touch deals right?

The iPod Touch is the best multimedia player out there
The iPod Touch is the best multimedia player out there

With that in mind, I decided to find the places and the stores that actually sell the iPod Touch discounted this year. Of course, I was only interested in online stores, I have no pleasure in waiting in lines or fighting others for a bloody price cut.

The thing is that most retailers will offer an iPod in store for Black Friday. But there are some online deals that should go throughout the weekend, from Friday to Monday, mostly on the cheaper 8 GB latest generation iPod Touch. But don't be fooled if you see a $149 price tag, it's usually followed by an * that says after rebate. So this means you will have to pay the full price, but you will later get a mail-in-rebate or worse, a gift card that you can use for other things you're going to buy in that particular store. So it's not like they're giving you a discount, you still have to pay the same amount of money, while they hope they can entice you with the gift card to spend even more.

That doesn't mean you won't find good deals on the iPod Touch for Cyber Monday though.

In order to see what’s already available I headed over to Amazon to check out their current iPod Touch offers and deals. The Apple iPod Touch 8GB goes for $189.99 from the original price tag of $199, which isn’t much of a discount, but it’s still better than nothing. Note that we are talking about the 4th generation iPod Touch here.

The Cyber Monday iPod Touch deals might be sweeter on models with larger storage capacities. The Apple iPod Touch 32GB for example can already be found on Amazon for $274.95 from the original $299 while the 64GB iPod Touch goes for $364 down from $399. These are pretty good deals already and with a little bit of luck we might get the chance to spot some great iPod Touch Cyber Monday deals.

Target is also offering discounts on the Apple iPod Touch, with the 64GB model going for $364.99, the 32GB one for $274.99 while the 8GB model is hitting the store shelves for $189.99. The only thing which would and should keep your hopes up in terms of discounts is that we might get some nice accessories for the iPod Touch Cyber Monday sales.

The iPod touch is available in white or black
The iPod touch is available in white or black | Source

Toys'R'Us, Radio Shack, Barnes and Nobles, Staples, Walmart or Best Buy all throw a discounted iPod Touch on the table. However, if you want a 32 GB or a 64 GB Touch on sale, you're only going to find it a few stores, like on Amazon or Best Buy.

But that however is indeed wishful thinking, as these products have a high tendency of keeping their price tag even during the holidays. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any Cyber Monday iPod Touch deals make sure to give this web page a visit as they are gathering the best deals from a number of retailers, giving you the chance to compare prices and offers within the same page!

Now, let’s see where my dog hid the wallet again and find myself that perfect iPod Touch deal. He’s also the reason I’m forced to buy one as he’s the one who chewed on my Cowon MP3 player.

A quick look at the new iPod Touch


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