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Cyberbullying in America

Updated on December 19, 2011

CyberBullying is a crime that recently became a big issue. There are things that are being done to prevent it from happening. What the cyberbullies don't know is that it's serious. It may seem fun but it can end in severe consequences.

CyberBullying is usually done on the internet. It is when someone says something about the other person. It can be done on FaceBook or other social networking sites. It starts off someone writing something and the more the post is up the more people chime in and it has serious effects.

The person that is getting bullied on the internet is slowly getting depressed and even if they are strong for the rest of their life they will suffer from low self-esteem because of what others have said and did on the internet.

Over the summer there was a movie on ABC Family CyberBully. There is also the truth of victim Phoebe Prince.

If you are the victim of a CyberBully tell someone or go to a trusted adult. Print everything that is being said about you and show it to the police. As much as it hurts stay strong and even stand up to the CyberBully.

If you are a CyberBully know that by you doing this you can get arrested or put someone into a depression that could lead to serieous consequences. You will have this on your coinscience for the rest of your life.

Most CyberBully's do this because they are either jealous of the person or have low self-esteem so they make them self feel better by tearing someone else down.

Life is too short and we should make it a better place and find a way to stop CyberBullies from doing what they do.


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