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Save Money on Electricity and Gas in Deregulated Energy Markets in Maine

Updated on March 7, 2012

When the energy markets in Maine were deregulated, it allows for companies to compete for customers. This leads to lower electricity prices and better services for consumers.

In Maine, and several other states (there is a list lower on the page) this free market has opened up the state to electricity company competition. There are several companies available to purchase your electricity from,

Including in state generation assets as well as Green and renewable electricity generation assets. A list of registered electricity suppliers in you state is available at Maine- list of energy supplies

One important factor to consider is the cancellation policy of a contract plan. These cancellation penalties can be hundreds of dollars. Several contract lengths are available including month-to-month, 6month and 1-3 year contracts are also available, longer contracts tend to yield the best rates. Several companies like are available to help make the transition to a new electricity supplier.

Consider all options before making this decision. There should be no cost to switch suppliers. You should receive one bill outlining all services. Then determine what length of contract works best for you?

There are lots of fast and easy thing you can do to save energy loss through your windows. Below is a list of some things you can do to start saving energy now. Before you start I recommend taking some time and just look. Walk around you house. See what needs to be fixed or what you want to fix. Take good notes, this stops you from going back to find the measurements or materials needed later.

1. Check the caulking around your windows. Over time caulking will shrink and crack creating draft in your home. If you see cracks or shrinkage simply scrape out and replace it with new caulking.

2. If you still fell drafts after replacing your caulking you may have gaps between the window and the window frame. This can be difficult to fix if you are not a DIY expert you may want to call a professional. This can usually be fixed by removing the interior window casing and filling the gaps with a foam sealant like Window & Door Foam

3. Add storm windows. These are installed to the exterior of your existing windows. This is a cost effective alternative to replacing your windows. The concept is to create a sealed insulating air layer in the window. Newer windows have multiple pains of glass to accomplish this. By adding storm windows you can accomplish the same results. There are several types of storm windows. The simplest is a heat shrinking clear plastic tape applied with double sided tape or a strip with nails. These are easy to use but are only temporary. Or you could purchase and install actual storm windows. There are also other alternatives to meet your needs.

4. This one is the oldest and simplest method. Harness the sun. This has been done for thousands of years. The concept is to keep the sun and its rays out in the summer months and let them in, in the winter months. First focus on the windows that get the most direct sunlight. The idea is to close blinds, install closeable shutters, or plant deciduous shrubberyto block the sun in summer. During the winter make sure the window let in the maximum amount of free energy possible.

If you follow these simple steps to saving energy you should see a real difference in your energy bills.

Regardless if you decide to purchase you electricity from someone other than your public utility company. There are ways to save energy. Below is a list of ways you can start saving now.

  1. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.
  2. You can also purchase Motion Sensor Light Switches
    which can turn off when you leave a room
  3. Use compact fluorescent lights or LED lights instead of incandescent light bulb
  4. Properly insulate your attic
  5. Replace old, drafty Windows and Doors
  6. Add storm windows or and insulated storm door or Insulate you windows and doors with these DIY projects
  7. Change your thermostat to a programmable thermostat to reduce heat and ac use when it is not needed.
  8. Turn you Boiler or AC off or down when you are away for long periods of time, such as a vacation.
  9. Consider purchasing an on demand Tank less water heater
  10. If you have a pool or hot tub. Try and run the filters as little as possible. Check out this article on tips on how to save energy.

















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