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DISH Introduces New and Improved Version of the Hopper and Joey

Updated on June 18, 2013

DISH’s Hopper and Joey has been a huge hit since its release early last year. With its ability to run HD-DVR through a whole home as well as offer independent DVR and live viewing experiences on 3 tuners capable of recording up to 6 programs at once, the Hopper and Joey has proven itself to be a leading innovator in the set-top box market.

Despite recent legal trouble with ‘The Big 4 Networks” over its popular features PrimeTime Anytime, which records all primetime programming on all 4 networks 7 days a week, and AutoHop, which allows users to automatically skip recorded primetime commercials, the Hopper and Joey has pushed ahead and continues to succeed.

As of January 17, 2013, fans of the Hopper and Joey will have more to celebrate with the release of new features, apps, and even an even more advanced new Hopper and Joey system.

The Hopper with Sling Adapter Allows for Watching On the Go

DISH customers who enjoyed the discontinued, sling-loaded ViP 922 receiver or those who are simply waiting for the ability to use their Hopper on the go will be pleased to learn that DISH is now offering a Sling-loaded Hopper.

Not sure what a Sling does? Just plug this waffle-like, rectangular device into your Internet-connected Hopper for the ability to watch your Hopper DVR, live TV, and On Demand programming on your PC, laptop, mobile device, and/or tablet.

Watch on Your iPad with Hopper Transfers

Hopper Transfers is another new feature that allows you to transfer all of your Hopper DVR recordings to your iPad via an Internet connection. Once the programming has been transferred, you no longer need an Internet connection to watch your programming collection right from your iPad at home, work, or anywhere.

Easier Wi-Fi Setup Makes Connecting the Hopper to the Internet Simple

The Hopper used to require the use of a dongle, an additional device, to connect to your home’s wireless Internet connection. Now, the new Hopper system is loaded with all the equipment you need to connect quickly and easily to your personal WiFi connection with no extra devices necessary.

DISH Explorer App Makes Watching the Hopper at Home Convenient and Social

In case you missed it, DISH is also offering a complementary Hopper app. The app is free and has already been released for the iPad.

It allows you to interact socially with friends and fans who are watching the same shows, uses social media, such as Facebook and Twitter feeds, to show you what’s popular and allow you to interact, and makes it easy to use your iPad as a Hopper remote. You can even use the tap to watch function, which allows you to easily select a live show from your iPad that you’d like to tune into on your TV.

Which new Hopper feature are you most excited about?

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Want more details on the new Hopper?

If you’re a current DISH customer and are interested in the new Hopper, please contact Customer Care for more information on how to order. If you already have a Hopper, don’t worry, yours will still function normally, and you can continue to use it for as long as you’d like. There’s no need to switch out equipment if you’re happy with yours.

Only the Hopper with Sling features the new Hopper Transfer and easier WiFi features, but the DISH Explorer app functions with either Hopper.

If you’re new to DISH, the Hopper with Sling is a free upgrade.

Don’t Have DISH Yet? We Can Help.

Get the new Hopper with Sling and start watching all of your favorite programming at home or on the go. You can record up to 6 shows at once and watch them on your TV, PC, laptop, mobile device, or tablet. Stay connected, too, with easy WiFi setup and social apps like DISH Explorer, which allows for a more interactive viewing experience. You can order now with us for free installation as early as Thursday, January 17th and receive our exclusive $75 rebate.

Thank you!
-Your DISH Authorized Retailer
Satellite Solutions Networks, Inc.| Click here to order the Hopper and Joey


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