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DISH Network launches 8 new HD channels! EPIX, G4, HLN, History Int, NatGeo Wild, Shorts, TCM, & Style now in HD

Updated on May 7, 2013
EPIX HD, G4 HD, HLN HD, History International HD, NatGeo HD, Shorts HD, TCM HD, and Style are now HD on DISH Network.
EPIX HD, G4 HD, HLN HD, History International HD, NatGeo HD, Shorts HD, TCM HD, and Style are now HD on DISH Network.

DISH Network beats Directv to the punch, and offers 8 new, anticipated channels in HD

April 23rd, 2010, Lutz - As the title, and the image above suggests, DISH Network just launched eight, brand new High Definition channels in a variety of their HD programming channel packages. These are not obscure sports or local channels, but extremely popular national channels. We've been getting requests for NatGeo Wild HD for some time now, well, it's finally here!

In the rest of the article we're going to list out the channels, with some descriptions, and how to get them, as well as looking at the industry as a whole and some of the crazyness going on with one of DISH's best competitors, Directv.

A list of the new HD channels launched by DISH Network

In Alpha-order, below are the channels now available in HD on DISH Network. EDITOR UPDATE (10/7/11) - The HD Platinum Package has been replaced by the new Blockbuster Movie Pass package. This list is going to remain, for historical purposes, just keep that in mind.

  1. Epix HD
    Base Package: HD Platinum Package
    EPIX is the big new movie channel that's more than just a big new movie channel. Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are turning their biggest movies, original programming, and expansive library into a bold new experience. The movies you love will never change, but the way you watch them is about to...
  2. G4 HD
    Base Package: America's Top 200 w/ HD
    G4 - video game television - is the only 24/7 television network dedicated to video games. G4 airs all-original programming with shows that feature breaking industry news, reviews, the hottest games, gear and technology, celebrity interviews, insider opinions and underground trends.
  3. History International HD
    Base Package: America's Top 250 w/ HD
    History Channel International is where the world tells its stories, providing a window into non-U.S. perspectives that is unique on television. A mix of historical documentaries, original short features, and interviews with historians provides a view from across our borders, a view that can be very different from our own.
  4. HLN HD (Headline News)
    Base Package: America's Top 120 w/ HD
    During your busy morning and day, Headline News brings you the day┬┐s top stories in a fast-paced 30 minute newscast. In the evening, Headline Prime switches gears to deliver a line-up of destination shows not to be missed; including Showbiz Tonight, Nancy Grace and Prime News Tonight.
  5. NatGeo WILD HD (National Geographic)
    Base Package: America's Top 250 w/ HD
    All programs are based on natural wildlife and wildlife history, with a heavy focus on natures most fierce predators.
  6. Shorts HD (update 10/7/11 - no longer carried by DISH)
    Base Package: HD Platinum Package

    ShortsHD is a unique entertainment channel fully dedicated to short movies. The channel features the best of short movies through a rich and diverse cinema programming. ShortsHD is scheduled by genre and mood in blocks of 30 and 60 minutes called "ZONES".

  7. Style HD
    Base Package: America's Top 250 w/ HD
    style, the 24-hour network from the creators of E!, is the only network devoted to fashion, beauty, home and entertaining. style brings you the very latest looks in fashion, the newest trends in hair and makeup, top designers, models of the moment, the most beautiful homes, unique ideas for entertaining, travel and more. Come join us as we help bring style into your world.
  8. Turner Classic Movies HD (TCM HD)
    Base Package: America's Top 200 w/ HD
    Drawing from the greatest library in the world, TCM is the ultimate movie lover's channel. Over 400 movies a month from the '20s to the 80s. More titles uninterrupted, 24 hours a day.

Which new HD Channel interests you the most?

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It's "business as usual" for Directv, as DISH pummels them in a very important consumer category: High Definition

We're a retailer for DISH Network, one of the largest in the country actually, but, we used to retailer for Directv also. As you've probably seen in their latest string of TV commercials, Directv is claiming to "Have the most HD channels in the future!", or "The capacity for over 200 HD channels in the future!" - Well, that's business as usual for Directv. Over the last ten years as a retailer all we've ever heard was "We're going to do some thing in the future." That kind of reminds me of a kid refusing to do something you asked for by resorting to the classic one-liner - I'll do it tomorrow!

I'm sorry, but leveraging that you're going to do something in the future, is not a very encouraging advertising routine when your biggest competitor, DISH Network, has already done it. That's right. When you count every possible HD channel (including locals, RSNs, Movies, etc ...) DISH is the first provider in the TV industry to offer over 200 HD channels.

DISH Network leads the way in HD, while the others play catch-up

You see the channels DISH just launched, but you may not be aware that we were already ahead of the pack with our HD Channel Line-up. While we're leading the way with channels like EPIX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, and SHORTS HD on DISH Network, Directv is just now launching channels like E!, Hallmark, and Hallmark Movie channel in HD, when we've had these channels for a long time now!

Current DISH customer, or looking to get new DISH service?

As I mentioned, we're a retailer committed to proving existing DISH customers with the latest info that's going to enrich their experience, as well as making it possible for people stuck with Directv, or Cable, to switch to a state-of-the-art provider like DISH Network's HD Programming service. If you're interested in reviewing our packages or the DISH Network HD channel line-up, just click that link. You can also order new service from the website at that link.

If you're an existing customer, these HD channels will automatically update on your service, assuming your subscribed to the package that contains that channel. If you're not getting these channels, and you think you should be, or would like to upgrade, just call DISH Network customer service, or visit their website.

Thank you!
Satellite Solutions Network, Inc.

~A DISH Network Retailer

If you're interested in viewing today's DISH TV Specials, click here


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      zach 7 years ago

      Hey great article. I just wanted to add something from my personal experience as a DISH customer and employee that if you are a qualified customer you can get HD Free for Life with DISH Network's America's Top packages. Hope that helps