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DJI Phantom 4 Review

Updated on August 23, 2016

Video capturing in today’s world has become easier, more exquisite and far-reaching than ever before because of the spring of camera drones. This highly technological device renders a crisper, fresher and a broader view scope anyone looks forward to seeing. Thus, videos captured through a camera drone lets one see a fuller vision and version of videography.

Aside from the crisper and broader capture a camera drone can do, it can also reach places other cameras will never reach, or have not reached before. Thus, the demand for this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has become higher through time, whether for work purposes or just to complement a hobby.

With the wide array of camera drones currently available in the market, making an informed and a fulfilling decision as to which one to choose has become difficult. However, through this article, we will thoroughly share to you the latest and the best-performing camera drone you have never seen and experienced before, and that is the DJI Phantom 4.


Being one of the top-performing and sought-after drones today, this DJI Phantom 4 adds spice, crisp and life to video capturing. This camera drone makes moments and memories unforgettable and always the best one to linger on; simply, it turns a dream into a reality. Thus, no wonder hobbyists, adventurers and professional videographers alike make this a talk of the town.

If you are onward to an adventure, or you want to take your hobby and photography skills down to the next level, you should totally check this DJI Phantom 4 Review out, and see what this sweet deal can do for you.

Features and Specifications

  • Smart tracking

This DJI Phantom 4 is made smarter than ever because of its ActiveTrack feature. This camera drone’s ActiveTrack technology makes subject tracking and focus easier without the necessity of having another GPS to use. All you have to do is to tap on your smartphone or device with the DJI GO application on it, and this drone will do the rest of the work.

Because of DJI Phantom 4’s cutting-edge ActiveTrack technology, the drone will just keep its focus and track on the subject in the safest distance possible. Thus, with this drone’s feature, video capturing becomes easier and more convenient without compromising output quality.

To get the best out of DJI Phantom 4’s ActiveTrack smart feature, I highly recommend that the distance between the drone and the subject focused is around 10-12 feet, and the subject is not interfered or does not have the same characteristics as other elements in the scope.

  • Clear and crisp graphics and video quality

The main purpose of using a camera drone is to put one’s imagination into a reality. Thus, it is important that it captures images and videos in a quality desired and highly preferred by one, to be able to materialize all plans and ideas into an exquisite and a truly eye-catching output.

With DJI Phantom 4’s ActiveTrack technology paired with clear and crisp graphics and video quality, it is just nothing but pure bliss! This camera drone captures 720p high-definition shots at up to 5 kilometres; thus, this feature surely adds beauty to the drone’s intelligence.

In addition, DJI Phantom 4’s image quality features a less sharpened and saturated output with an increased dynamic range. Therefore, this camera drone’s graphics and video quality is great news for videographers, since the footage is easier to edit and tweak when necessary. Thus, anyone will never go wrong in using this camera drone.

  • Optimum stability and hovering capability

DJI Phantom 4 offers optimum stability and hovering capability no other drones could ever do because of its Vision Positioning System. Because of this camera drone’s feature, it allows it to fly high in the most precise as well as the safest manner. In addition, DJI Phantom 4’s VPS enables the drone to instantly halt and hover when there is a release made in the joystick controls.

DJI Phantom 4’s VPS works by using 4 sensors to make its flight accurate and easy to control. In addition, if there are any problems while the drone is on flight, it has a Smart Return Home technology to make it safely return to its ‘home’ or take-off point; thus, no wonder this drone is accurately and safely engineered to its finest.

Aside from this camera drone’s VPS, another major feature that contributes to its optimum stability is the magnesium core fixed inside the drone. This embedded magnesium core makes the whole drone lighter but tough, as well as produce less vibrations which can disrupt its stability. In addition, DJI Phantom 4’s magnesium core puts its inertial measurement unit’s performance better and maximized.

  • Versatile functionality

A common scenario you can usually think of when you are to use a drone is only on a nice weather. If that’s not how you imagine you are going to use a drone on, maybe you have in your mind that you can only use it during dry season. However, that’s totally not the case with this DJI Phantom 4.

What makes this DJI Phantom 4 one of the best drones in the market is its ability to be versatile and functional whether it’s day or night, and regardless of what season you will use it, because you can definitely use this drone on a summer or even on a winter with its operating temperature ranging from 0° to 40° C.

Given that this camera drone has a versatile functionality, extra care is still needed and some precautions must be followed and always kept in mind, especially if you are going to use it on a winter season.

Before using this DJI Phantom 4 drone, make sure that its battery is fully charged. It would also be best to bring some fully charged batteries with you if you intend to use it for a longer time during winter. Then, it is always best to warm the drone’s batteries first to at least 25°C before using it. Thus, a battery heater could come in handy and is highly recommended to do this job.

Lastly, if this DJI Phantom 4’s battery voltage goes down to 3.2V while on flight, discontinue using it and return it back to home. You can easily monitor the drone’s battery voltage through the DJI GO mobile application.

  • Easier to fly and manoeuvre

With DJI Phantom 4’s number of flight modes, it becomes easier to hover and manoeuvre compared to its previous models and other camera drones in the market. It has 3 flight modes: attitude, position, sport.

During attitude (A) flight mode, the drone stays in a certain level or altitude and stops its satellite positioning, which makes it produce smooth graphics or video output during filming. During this drone’s position (P) flight mode, the Vision Positioning and satellite features are put to use. In addition, being DJI Phantom 4’s standard flight mode, P flight mode allows a user to utilize the drone’s other unique features such as Intelligent Flight Mode, ActiveTrack and Tapfly.

During this DJI Phantom 4’s sport (S) flight mode, the speed goes fast and “sporty” enough to reach a speed of 72kms/hour. Thus, this drone’s cutting-edge flight mode feature allows it to reach the film site faster, or allows you to use it as fast as you can whether for fun or adventure purposes.

Aside from this drone’s game-changing flight modes, its pause button makes it easy to control for it to hover in an Intelligent Flight Mode or ActiveTrack. Thus, with DJI Phantom 4’s flight modes and features, it becomes easy and smart to navigate, making it perfectly ideal to use for film production.

  • Latest speed variations according to use and preference

As said in the previous feature, DJI Phantom 4 has 3 flight modes available. However, what makes this particular camera drone special and a game changer among others is its unique sport (S) flight mode, which can have a speed as fast as 72kms/hour. In the field of videography, time is of the essence; and because of this drone’s S flight mode, film making because easier as well as time-efficient. Thus, no wonder videographers highly prefer to use this drone.

DJI Phantom 4’s S mode might make it easier and time-efficient to use, but because this drone has this particular feature, it allows itself to go with the flow of fun depending on its user’s preference. Thus, this camera drone is surely the best buddy you can have whether for film making or adventure.

This drone might have a cutting-edge S flight mode feature, but still, extra care is needed and as much as possible, this certain flight mode is off-limits to novices who cannot control the fast speed well enough.

Aside from DJI Phantom 4’s unique and speedy S flight mode, it also has a maximum horizontal speed of 57.6kms/hour on A mode, making the drone a complete package and the best one to use for general filmmaking purposes.

  • Advanced safety technology

DJI Phantom 4 has an advanced technology when it comes to keeping itself safe and secure while on flight. With this camera drone’s Obstacle Sensing System, it automatically stays away from objects 0.7-15m near it. Thus, it can avoid obstacles as quick and as responsive as possible. In addition, this drone can also cover a minimum of 500 pixel size with its Obstacle Sensing System safety feature.

However, keep in mind that DJI Phantom 4’s Obstacle Sensing System is most reliable in a well-lit environment, and can only be activated if it is on standard/P flight mode, ActiveTrack, Intelligent Flight Mode or TapFly. Thus, don’t rely on this drone’s Obstacle Sensing System while it’s on a speedy S flight mode, and don’t be too complacent to solely rely on this drone’s feature when it can be activated; remember, it’s better when the user takes more care and pays more attention than the drone.

Aside from DJI Phantom 4’s Obstacle Sensing System, it also has a Smart Return Home feature which makes it intelligently lead itself to ‘home’, or simply where it took off. Thus, if the drone encounters some problems while on flight, there is not much to worry about because it knows how to get back home.

  • Longer flight time and fast-charging battery

Compared to previous models, DJI Phantom 4 has a larger battery and a highly advanced propulsion system which allows it to have a flight time as long as 28 minutes. However, this flight time is still subject to change because of other external considerations such as altitude and weather conditions.

If you use DJI Phantom 4 on an A flight mode and during nice and serene weather conditions, rest assured you can use this drone for as long as 28 minutes. In addition, it would also help to bring some fully charged batteries with you during the film making, in case 28 minutes would not suffice.

Aside from DJI Phantom 4’s longer flight time, its battery also has the ability to quickly charge, making it more convenient and time-efficient for its user. All it takes is an hour to make an empty battery a fully charged one.

  • Exquisitely made

This DJI Phantom 4 might be the most exquisitely made drones you will ever see in the market. It has a glossy finish and a sleek structure, making it attractive to look at. Thus, the best way to describe this DJI Phantom 4 is meek but aggressive, and one with a feminine built but with a masculine performance.

  • High-quality and durably made

Aside from being exquisitely made, this DJI Phantom 4 is also high-quality and durably made. Its skeleton and core is made of magnesium, making the drone compact but lightweight. In addition, its unique structure design makes the drone’s vibrations lesser, overall balance better and precision improved.

  • Compatible with both Apple and Android Devices

What makes this DJI Phantom 4 a total package is it is very much compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Thus, you can easily navigate and control the drone with what device you have at hand. However, DJI Phantom 4 requires Apple devices to have an operating system of at least iOS 8, and Android devices to have an operating system of at least Android 4.1.2.

With the amazing features this DJI Phantom 4 has, it truly deserves to be among the top.

Share this article with your family and friends who might be excited to know about the wonder of this quadcopter. You can also check out the video below to have a glimpse of how this product performs while on flight.


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