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DNS-OK.US Check Page Not Working -Simple SOLUTION for DNS Changer Website error

Updated on July 9, 2012

Help! I don't know if my PC is infected!

Like millions of others I was checking my PC today to see if it was infected with the Doomsday Computer Virus scheduled for July 9th, through the website page checker,

Unfortunately after going to the site I get the error message "can't find the server at" on firefox broweser and "Oops! Google Chrome could not find" on chrome browser.

Of course my first thought is my PC is infected (panic!) and what the heck an I going to do now?

But then it occurred to me that maybe it is NOT my PC but the website server itself being overwhelmed by people trying to check in.

Solution: go to the FBI website here:

NOW instead of clicking the first link for the USA, use the GERMAN LINK (some of the other links require further steps to check your PC & as is not as simple as the German one) HINT;if your browser offers you to automatically translate the page, do so.

This will bring you to a WORKING webpage DNS infection checker, which will be have a GREEN COLORED BACKGROUND if your PC is clean.

German Site: if PC is NOT infected it will look like this

This is the USA site when it is working, this page reflects a NON-infected PC

IF YOU SEE A RED BACKGROUND (and site states you are infected) YOU ARE PROBABLY INFECTED . (If you are infected follow the instructions provided on this website: )

This concludes the simple fix for the non-working DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) website page checker.



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