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DNS server isn't responding on Windows 7 Home premium

Updated on March 12, 2013

I'm not exactly what caused this but after playing around with my network settings in my bid to share a mobile broadband internet connection using my computer as a wi-fi hostpot, I found out that I could no longer connect to the internet.

The error I kept getting was DNS server isn't responding. Well, I did some Googling in a bid to solve the issue and found out a complicated solution that referred me to using command prompt to reset ipconfig settings. Well, the easy way I solved the issue was by using system restore from my Windows menu.

I use a Sony Vaio laptop that runs on Windows 7 Home premium and noticed that I could no longer connect to the internet or rather websites even though my internet connection says it's active. Yes, I could connect to the internet with a mobile broadband USB device but still could not connect to web pages.

I noticed this error on Tuesday following the Monday I think I messed up some network settings and so I after analyzing the problem with windows, I followed their suggestion to do a Systems restore.

A system restore is a tool Windows uses to reset your settings or restore it to an earlier state without losing any new files or documents you might have created. System restore allows one to restore his computer to the last time a restoration was done or prior to a major change in settings.

Well, after not being able to browse for up to 24 hrs, I saved all my open files and then started up System restore from the windows menu. I was able to see that my computer had saved a restoration date for Sunday, a day before I did some major changes to my computer and I chose that date as the restoration point.

It only took about 5 minutes for the settings to be reversed using System restore and I was able to get rid of the DNS error. Now, I'm actually able to browse the internet with the web browser when the connection says active.


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