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Data Usage Tracking for VoIP comes to Android

Updated on October 19, 2011

The World of Data Caps

It sure looks like the days of "all you can eat" data plans are drawing to a close. And before anyone thinks that this applies only to wireless systems, it should be pointed out that wired net connections are getting the cap as well. For mobile phones at least, the broadband caps are well entrenched and only a handful of providers are holding out, but its unclear for how long they'll be able to continue doing so.

The caps for mobile phones are far lower than for wired lines - often just a few GB. This has the potential to change the way people think about using their mobile phones. While many applications might not actually use a lot of data, the mindset of the consumer changes when there's a chance of being billed for overage fees. Applications such as VoIP which consume data at a steady rate will now be viewed with a more critical eye. It doesn't matter that VoIP hardly uses much data at all - it's the psychology of the user.

But smartphones are reacting to these new developments. Just yesterday, Google released the latest version of Android called "Ice Cream Sandwich" which incorporates a nifty feature allowing users to track their data usage.

VoIP Data Usage
VoIP Data Usage

Tracking Data usage in Android

Ice cream sandwich gives users the most finely detailed mobile data usage tracking of any phone in existence so far. The breath of features is truly amazing. Not only can you see how much data you've used so far, you can set data caps and warnings to alert you when you approach limits. The killer feature however is that you can do this on a per app basis! So now you can set the upper limit of the amount of data you want your VoIP app to use and then just forget about it. The Operating System will alert you if there's any need to panic.

You can then switch off the data usage for specific applications. For many heavy users, this will be the main benefit of Ice Cream Sandwich and it's not hard to see why. Users can finally obtain peace of mind and not worry about going over the data cap. As they approach the limit, they can shut down the data consumption of non critical applications and therefore allocate its usage.

VoIP users will truly appreciate this and the freedom it gives them. If you're going to live with data caps, why not tackle it head on after all? Contact your business VoIP SIP provider to find out how you can make a quick switch to hosted PBX systems.


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