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Datacore Sansymphony-V Microsoft Monitoring Pack

Updated on December 22, 2011

The Sansymphony-V Storage Hypervisor Is A Data Storage Makeover

photo by dominicspics on flickr
photo by dominicspics on flickr

Microsoft System Center Gets Monitoring Pack Upgrade

In a previous article we looked at the Datacore Sansymphony-v storage hypervisor and reviewed the many benefits it provides in the datacenter in regards to managing and monitoring an enterprise-level storage infrastructure. With so many features the Sansymphony-v software should receive a close look by everyone from cloud providers to small businesses up to the largest of enterprises. Datacore is helping pioneer the way forward for data storage virtualization innovations in the enterprise. In many Microsoft-enabled IT departments the use of Microsoft System Center software is commonplace as a way to manage both physical and virtual IT assets from one interface. Often this expands to include such products as Data Protection Manager 2010, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, Operations Manager 2007 R2, and Configuration Manager 2007 R3 or various combinations of the above. The Microsoft System Center 2012 version looks to be an even more refined suite with RC and Beta versions available for evaluation from the Microsoft website. Leveraging this "one pane of glass" approach, Datacore is now shipping a Microsoft System Center Monitoring Pack for integration with the aforementioned solutions.

By plugging into System Center storage administrators will be capable of viewing health status, performance metrics and availability resource management to better manage and fine-tune the storage virtualization in the datacenter. Combined with Microsoft Hyper-v server virtualization the storage hypervisor's new monitoring pack allows tech support to track trends, spot out of bounds conditions, monitor bottlenecks in data movement, and provide overall better quality of service to the applications and systems being served.

With this upgrade the enduser gets such nice features as complete graphical presentations of the physical and virtual resources. This might include a cross-vendor assortment of storage virtualization servers, physical data storage pools, virtualized disks and host machines. I/O performance such as IOPS and other important metrics are situated into the single "glass pane." As to be expected detailed warning and error logs are brought to the forefront of the monitoring pack gui for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. There is an alert and notification system which provides a heads-up for critical, warning, or informational statuses. The enduser can display reports and export history to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF format, perhaps for use in conferences with management.

The available data from the integration of these two products is immense. The only question being how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?


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