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Dealing With Internet Villainous

Updated on October 2, 2012

Internet Villainous

The more the internet technology grows, the more the internet criminals gain entry. Computers in the internet many at times share files and in this process hackers’ access, and gain entry to attack other people computers. Through downloading, and installing programs from sites that not genuine, these hackers break into computer as long as one is in the internet. They steal personal information, or create software that attack computer, in other words viruses or worms that destroy other genuine programs.

Despite the fact all these, the good news are there steps to follow to protect the computer from these hackers. I had experience also these before, and I had to find out solutions to deal with the problem. The following are what I found out to be useful especially those who are using windows 7 operating system.

a)Enabling Anti-spyware software in windows 7 helps protects the computers from harmful software. Spyware software comes from the word spy which means secretly collect sensitive, and when this is install in computer it collect all information about the owner of the computer. It also alters the settings on the computer unknowingly by the owner. This terrible software installs even links or toolbar in the browsers on the computer. To overcome all these, one needs to enable or turn on Defender on windows 7 operating system.

b)To do so you can click start menu window, type defender, open it and turn on. When you do so it gives you alerts every now since it is real-time software and then whenever spyware is install in the computer. If that happens, scan immediately to remove hacking tool.

c)Firewalls installed with windows 7 helps to protect computer from hackers and harmful software from internet. When one installs windows 7 firmware is automatically turned on, but some people turn off so as to install software that is not genuine. On the start menu, Type firewall to turn it on.

d)Antivirus software is marvelous tool, since it offers two kinds of works. It is a real-time tool, and also scanning tool. Genuine antivirus comes with full package protection, and it protects computer from Viruses, Trojan, and Worms

e)Microsoft Security Essential software; this software will guard computer against viruses, spyware, and software that are not genuine. It is provided by Microsoft site, and it is real-time process software.

f)Another thing is to update the windows regularly. It automatically updates default Anti-spyware and this a one way of maximum protection of a computer.


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