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The Pros and Cons of Selfie

Updated on August 23, 2016

Selfish Selfie

In this world full of trickery and discontentment, people are already obliged to play with the different sides of a Rubik’s cube. No matter how difficult a situation is; people will always find a way to win and fight, either in a good way or in a bad way.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of disturbances that people are experiencing right now especially on the government. People are like playing trick or treat. They are being tricked but at the same time being treated. And they don’t know exactly what to do.

House Bill No. 4807 or the Anti-Selfie Bill is one of the most intriguing bills that is currently in line with the trends. People are confused as to what this Bill exactly means. Others say this is all about stopping the freedom of taking self-pictures; doing the wacky face, duck face, tongue out, and so on. But what exactly is this Anti-Selfie Bill means? Let’s find out.

House Bill 4807 — called the Protection against Personal Intrusion Act — prohibits taking visual or sound impressions of unsuspecting individuals with the intent to gain or profit therefrom. Plainly put, this outlaw taking photos or videos of people without their consent through the use of modern devices such as cameras, video cams, and smartphones. The bill aims to ‘promote and protect the personal privacy of every person by preventing intrusion for commercial purposes, and enjoining everyone to respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of every person.

Privacy and Respect. Yes, it can be counted. The reason for protecting personal privacy is valid even respecting someone’s life is also valid. For people, nowadays especially aggressive ones are sometimes uncontrollable. They take videos, capture photos, and record voices without the consent of the person they intended to take the shot. In that case, they never practice the respect value. Some people use this to earn money. They take shots, gave it to an agency that’s willing to pay the shot and earn money. They don’t consider the side of the person taken as long as they’ll be able to sell and earn.

However, in every rule, there will always be a reason to against. Let’s dig deep on the other side of the House Bill. If privacy and respect are to be counted, let us also include self-centered brainless dramas and selfishness. Why would you think the Congress will submit such Bill? Maybe they’re thinking that this House Bill will cover their grafts in the government. Media could no longer execute their duties due to this Bill. Freedom of expression will be banned. And if someone caught a crime on their own cell phone cameras, they will not be able to present it as evidence; if they will they’ll also be in prison for violating this House Bill if approved. Scary? Definitely.

Now you decide. Why would they pass such Bill? Will it be beneficial? Or will it simply cover the wrong doings of the people especially on the government? Don’t just read about it. Think about it.


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