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Debrand Sony Ericsson TM-506

Updated on September 20, 2012

How to debrand Sony Ericsson TM-506

The following procedure details how to debrand your Sony Ericsson TM-506. This removes all carrier customization's and and sets your firmware to generic. All your settings will be reset and you will have to program APN'S and MMS/WAP settings as per your carrier provided settings.

You will require 3 files. Please ensure manufacturer pc suite software and all drivers are installed properly. Search and install the following files:

- SEUS - Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service - Search and install .exe

- TM-506 Custpack (Ver. 1.0 or later) - This is the generic/debranded firmware file that will be flashed to the device.

- A2Uploader (V3 or later) - This is your flashing utility.

  1. Run A2Uploader and select FileSystem Tool
  2. Ensure that your phone is shut down and that you have installed Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service is installed prior to initiating
  3. Now hold "2" on your numeric keypad and plug in your phone via USB
  4. Release once phone has been recognized by the flashing utility
  5. Within the file system browse to the following directory: /tpa/preset/custom
  6. Extract the custpack downloaded earlier to the desktop and drag the following file Customize_upgrade.xml into the file system
  7. Ensure file has uploaded successfully and select shutdown filesystem manager
  8. Disconnect USB and turn on device. Type the following sequence of keys:
  • Right * Left Left * Left * (Right Key - Star Key - Left Key - Left Key - Star Key - Left Key - Star Key)
  1. Click through to "Service info" then navigate to "Software info" in the menu. You are looking for the following listed under Custmization: 1217-0527. This ensures flash has been done properly and you are clear to proceed with an upgrade.
  2. Turn off your device and run SEUS downloaded earlier. Select your device from the list and again hold down 2 on your numeric keypad while plugging in USB cable.
  3. Now simply select Reinstall/Upgrade and allow SEUS to update your firmware.
  4. Once completed your device will be running generic unbranded firmware.
  5. Again please update your APN/MMS/WAP settings as provided to you by your carrier.


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