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Deciding Between a Facebook Page, Profile or Group To Promote Your Business

Updated on July 28, 2014
Facebook for Business - How To Promote Your Business On Facebook
Facebook for Business - How To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Facebook has three main ways to connect with friends, associates, fans and topics.

Each one has been designed specifically to promote connection in a certain way, so it's important to choose one that will do the job you want it to do.

Many people choose an option which can lower their customer trust, the number of views their posts get and even put them at risk of losing their Facebook account.

Below we'll take a closer look at Profiles, Groups and Pages and how you can use one or more of these to promote your business creatively and a step ahead of your competition.

Let's take a closer look at the three options on Facebook and what their intended use is.

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Profiles are designed as the basic membership account for Facebook, through which you can access all other content including both pages and groups.

  • Con: Facebook has strict rules on using personal profiles only with a real person's name, so using a profile with a business name puts you at risk of having your account shut down.
  • Con: People are very wary of adding a business profile as a friend, as it means that the business can see all their personal updates.
  • Con: Most people are aware that profiles are made for personal use only, so are less likely to add a profile as a friend over liking a page.


Groups are designed around gathering a group of people together interested in the same topic.

  • Con: Every post made in the group has equal weighting - meaning that posts by an admin won't get more attention than user posts.
  • Con: In most cases (unless two group members are friends) group posts and replies do not show up in news feeds.
  • Con: Unless people interact in the group regularly, they often won't receive notifications when new posts or comments are made.

Because of these reasons, a group is often not the best option for promoting your business as members either miss information or your posts are lost in the crowd.

But does this mean you can't use a profile or group to promote your business? Not at all - there are some great ways you can use both of them to promote and build your business page and sales.


Pages were designed by Facebook specifically for connecting with your fans and customers.

  • Pro: Options aimed at interacting with fans.
  • Pro: You can maintain both your own and fan privacy.
  • Pro: You can promote through Facebook's advertising services if you wish (not available with profiles or groups.)

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