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Top 9 Gadgets That Caught Maximum Attention At CES 2017

Updated on February 23, 2017
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Most Trendy Gadgets

From cars to small gadgets that can ease out the day to day life activities, CES 2017 has offered a lot of things. The list of newly launched technologies and gadgets is wide but, here we are presenting a list of top 9 gadgets that we think have caught the maximum attention at this years’ CES 2017.


Just like Fitbit, Plume is a wearable gadget that helps you track pollution around you. The gadget is capable of tracking particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. The Plume can be easily clipped to a bag and helpful for people who are residing in highly polluted cities around the world.

Plume Image

Griffin Connected Toaster

After smart phones and smart watches, here we have a smart toaster. The Griffin Connected Toaster has a slider on the app that helps you in roasting your bread according to your precise requirements. The icon represents the white side of the bread and the other side it has all black side of the roasted bread.


Milo Sensors

Breathalyzer is quite a conventional method to check the level of alcohol in your blood. With Milo Sensors, you can actually track the amount of drink you can have at a time. These Milo Sensors help in detecting the various chemicals in the body on perspiration from your skin through a wristband. Hope to see this used by the traffic police soon.


Kuri Gadget

Mayfield Robotics have designed this robot which is specially evolved to take care of your home. The robot responds to the voice commands which is similar to Google Home or Amazon Echo. But, the difference is that Kuri responds with robot noises. The robot is built to be a companion and an assistant. Kuri is programmable through IFTTT and possesses a processor on board that handles the tasks of voice and image recognition.


Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

After fitness bands, another evolution in the particular segment is the fitness rings, which is first designed by Motiv. This titanium-encased device tracks the sleep and fitness. It also includes steps, calories and distance. Along with these, it also packs optical heart rate sensor and a battery which can last up to 5 days on a single charge


R-8 And R-9

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) has unveiled the first consumer AR/VR glasses which is built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip. These virtual glasses are oriented towards a wider range of consumers and light business users. The R-9 will be available in the Q2 of this year and will be priced at $1,799.


Polaroid Pop

From the house of Polaroid, a photo-printing camera has been introduced which can print photos of 3” X 4” size. The rear of the device features a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD that allows the user to shot before it develops. Even the print quality is high enough to give quality images to cater your different requirements.



A bird drone from the Clear Flight Solutions that flaps its wings and scares the bejesus out of the other birds. It is designed to mimic a raptor. The drone flies by flapping the wings and it steers using the two tail fins. It can even stay in the air for minutes and can stalk birds just like an original predator.


New Bravia Line

The much acclaimed Bravia series from Sony has received its new member. The 4K HDR OLED TV that Sony is calling the A1E series. It has an edge-to-edge design that has a back leg and can be directly placed on the ground. The sound will come from the screen directly which is a result of the new technology called Acoustic Surface.

So, these were the top 10 gadgets that we found are worth highlighting from the CES 2017. Stay updated on latest technology trends with logicspice.

New Bravia Line


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