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Dell Android Phones In India - Exclusive Report Price| Review

Updated on December 8, 2011

Dell Android Phones In India

Finally android phones have hit the Indian markets also. This article explains about Androids and Dell Android Phones in India. First some explanation about the origin of Android would help. Few year back Google started a program to fund innovative developments in technology. Androids were one among the many projects which were taken over by Google to fund for further development. Android was and operating system for mobile phones. Gradually, the Android OS grew and became a hit worldwide. The avaliablilty of millions of apps online were the speciality of Android. This OS even challenged the Apple iPhone OS and Nokia Symbian. Google predicts that Android phones will be brining the major traffic to them by the end of 2011. With and this operating system you can do almost anything you want with a mobile phone. You can scan the bar codes of products with the mobiles camera and search for it user review and ratings, use an application for instant taxi booking and many more. A major computer-manufacturer like Dell have stepped into the android industry with clear motives, probabily its because they know that the future of computing is going to be android-phones. The android phones perfectly fill the gap between mobile phones and computers.Dell have launched two models of Android phones XCD28 and XCD35

Dell android Phone XCD28

The Dell XCD28 have a 2.8 inch screen and Android 2.1 as the OS. All other functionalitis such as 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,Java support, ARM 600MHz processor,3.5mm audio jack and 3.2 megapixel camera.

Dell Android Phone XCD35

The Dell XCD35 differ by only the screen size and Rs.6000 extra price. Features such as Android 2.1,3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,Java support, ARM 600MHz processor,3.5mm audio jack and 3.2 megapixel camera are all common for XCD35 also.

Both the models suffer from low internal memory capacity of only 256MB or 512MD, but it could be expanded sufficiently with externalmemory card.

Dell Andriod Phone Price In India

These android phones have been a mid-range entry . The price of Dell XCD28 is 11,000 and Dell XCD35 price is 17,000. These are the launch price and must be getting lower in the months to come. If you want a more economic android phone, then you can check out my article on Cheapest Android Phones In India for some awesome phones below Rs. 10,000. If this article was helpful for you, then please do vote it up at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to add new exciting news about dell android phones in India at the comment box.


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