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Dell Latitude 10 tablet review (business market mobile device)

Updated on January 8, 2014

Directed to the corporate market, the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet aims to meet the demand of companies for a versatile, secure and manageable tablet.

Despite the use of tablets (or more accurately, mobile devices with or without keyboard) is not new to the corporate world, it´s a fact that companies still look with some reserve for current models based on iOS / Android, not because they aren´t useful but because they do not possess some important characteristics for large corporations, such as enhanced security, durability, functionality and connectivity.

For example, a very important resource for a business tablet is a reinforced completion that is able to survive small drops, bumps and liquid spills, besides, the tablet screen should be bright enough to be readable both inside and outside the office. Otherwise, it is recommended that these screens can also work with pointing devices such as stylus - to help make sketches of designs, complete electronic forms or even capture signatures.

Dell Latitude 10 tablet review

Another interesting feature of the Latitude 10 tablet is the possibility to exchange its battery with a charged or larger capacity one since the user does not always have a plug available or time to wait for the tablet to recharge.

In terms of software, the great fear of the IT department of the company is having to give support for different operating systems that are not always capable of interacting with its authentication systems / security, and not to mention the access and use of enterprise applications, including some very old ones that were not designed to operate with a touchscreen.

From this point of view, two recent announcements are helping to create what we might call an ideal solution for business tablets. The first was the arrival of the new Intel Atom/Core ix, with low or ultra low power consumption, which enables the implementation of the x86 microarchitecture on tablets and even smartphones. The second was the arrival of Windows 8 with its optimized interface for use with touch screens but at the same time maintaining a high level of backwards compatibility with earlier versions, which enables companies to take full advantage of tablets without compromising safety, functionality, and manageability of their IT ecosystems.

Unlike models with Android and Windows RT, the Latitude 10 is based on x86 "Clover Trail" Intel platform or more accurately on Atom Z2760 processor.

Measuring approximately 27.4 x 17.7 x 1.05 cm and weighing 658 to 820 grams (depending on the battery size / additional accessories), the Dell Latitude 10 tablet comes equipped with a 10-inch LCD screen that at first glance, it´s not much different from its competitors.

Towards today's standards, the Latitude 10 Tablet may seem a little large when compared to the popular 7-inch models. However, we must emphasize that a larger screen also offers several advantages such as more space for text and graphics, thus providing a much more comfortable user experience.

Dell Latitude 10´s screen has a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels - almost a standard among the mainstream portables sold nowadays - and it´s protected by a Gorilla Glass layer from Corning and it has a magnesium alloy edge which reinforces the structure of the assembly.

As it is standard in tablets with Windows, there is a "home" button at the bottom of the screen that can be used to return to the home screen of the Windows 8 interface.

On the opposite side (or more accurately, in the top frame) is the 2 MP front camera used for videoconferencing. On the right we can see the camera status LED and the sensor that controls screen brightness according to ambient light.

In the back we find a 8 MP second camera with LED illuminator that is useful for gathering information from videos and images for the registration of persons and / or materials, barcode reading, expert reports preparation, occurrences, accident insurance, etc.

Dell Latitude 10 tablet review » Verdict

As we can see, the Dell Latitude 10 tablet is a versatile, well-built, feature-rich device that - in a way - fulfills the promise of bringing the ecosystem of the PC world to the world of tablets. However, it is clear that to stay competitive with competing platforms based on ARM - especially on battery life - the ratio of performance per Watt of the Atom Z2760 pulled so much for lower power consumption than its performance can even be good for a tablet, but it´s quite modest for a notebook.

By this we mean that this product meets the needs of users for those tasks normally relegated to tablets - such as fill tables, capturing images and videos, play messages, videoconferencing and more importantly, consuming web content. Already on tasks that require more intensive processing such as video editing, your user experience is similar to a mini-notebook with Atom. And not to mention the incompatibility with 64-bit programs and applications that every day become more common to the point that 32-bit version is no longer updated or even exist.

Thus, if your intention is to replace your notebook for a tablet with Windows 8, you must evaluate well your computing needs before buying the Dell Latitude 10. We recommend the "adoption" of a Latitude 10 to use it as a tablet and let the notebook kept at home for heavier tasks.


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